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On a very special day, Russian President Putin visited US and Bush took him into a special room. Showing all their technology, Bush asked Putin to press a tiny Red Button.

Without any hesitation, Putin pressed it and bang! Putin was kicked on face by a hand!

Just Kidding!! Bush said and took Putin to the next room where there is another Red Button. Again he asked Putin to press it. Still unsuspecting, Putin pressed it and the roof above Putin fell on him.

A visibly angry Putin followed Bush to the next room. There again Bush asked him to press another Red Button. By now Putin is mentally prepared for the worst and got it also. He was drowned by a bag full of shit..

Because of diplomatic procedures, Putin remained silent and completed his visit peacefully.

Two months later, Bush received an invitation to visit Moscow and he is in Moscow.. alone with Putin.

Putin took him to his special tour. There, he showed a nice little Red button to Bush and asked him to press it.

Bush understood what is in store for him. Still he pressed it.. nothing happened!!

With a smile.. Bush looked at Putin and he led him to the next room where Bush pressed another button. Again nothing happened. Same with the third button in the third room.

Unable to hide his joy of escaping any embarrassment, Bush asked..

Why? what's so special with these buttons.. I am bored.. I will go back to my US of A.

Putin replied.. with a nice smile..

'Which US of A? What do you think you just pressed?'
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Told by my Project Manager Danny
Source: Unknown