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A reply to Why Seperate Telangana? -- A Reply by Ramanarao Garimella

Before mentioning my point here, I want to say, I am an proud Andhra also.
a. Politics and centers' intervention in states affairs, Rajgopalachari, Jawaharlal Nehru's partiality towards Tamil people played also a great role. Mainly Andhra seperation got the importance with the appointment of Tamil as chief minister when PCC elected a Telugu as a majority leader.
Continuous Partiality towards Coastal Andhrites created similar situation now. I am presenting you the detailed facts in this reply.
b. Around that time most of other states are formed based on the language; Telugu and Tamil are two major languages after Hindi/Bangali.
I agree with you.
c. Diving states based on the language is in my openion is not a mistake.. dividing state based on the culture is a mistake. Language based division of the states is the best way of reducing administrative nightmares and best way of avoiding confusion among illiterate people. Who says Culture in Telangana area of Andhra Pradesh is not a Telugu culture (never even seen an evidence of that, if you have some you could provide).
Your opinion is partially correct. Why are you talking about the "Culture Aspect" here? Now, where did I mention about Telangana Culture and Coastal Andhra Culture? I said it's not given proper representation. You are deviating from the centre point of discussion. So your question of "Who says Culture in Telangana area of Andhra Pradesh is not a Telugu culture (never even seen an evidence of that, if you have some you could provide)" is not worthy of discussion.

I ask you: Where do you see representation of "Bathukamma" panduga, "Bonala" panduga, "Medaram Jathara" in State government textbooks?
d. If we are afraid that Hindi culture dominates Telugu culture.. we should ask for seperate country of Andhra Pradesh. Where did your unity in diversity go.
Why are you talking about Countries? You are completely misleading the discussion. "Culture" word itself is misused by you.
e. Suppressing a culture, dominating a culture,.. I think this thinking is basically started by some paranoids.
Dont think, UNDERSTAND ! my friend. You are again talking about dominating Culture. I said its not given "enough encouragement."
f. Smaskuthi, culture, civilization.. is not something people follow.. is some thing people practice.
So, What are you upto?
g. Misrepresentation of Telugu people is happening in media - - Media talks about selling points (bunch of politically driven idiots run media in India.) - So called "Telangana Porata Samithi" can promote Telangana Samskrithi/Telangana People representation, instead of trying to attract media and attact people attentio with these tricks.
Telangana Development and struggle go hand in hand. Telangana people started realizing to promote the Telangana Literature. You will see appropriate representation of Telugu Literature very soon. If you are interested to know the current development in this aspect, contact "Center for Telangana Studies" in Hyderabad.
h. Disparity - Disparity is God's creation. "Chethi 5 vellu samanga vundavu kada" how do you expect to remove disparity. This is a great thought.. this is not practical. This thought is the reason why Communism failed.
You talk about God's creation, Communism which are totally irrelevant. We can talk in lenght about your invalid points. But they simply deviate the actual point of discussion.

My friend, nothing is practical in this world. People dont sit at home with out doing anything if the fair share is not alloted. Had the Indian freedom fighters been idle, you would have been still a slave under British. You should not see whether it is practical or not because the definition of word "practical" is very very capricious. "Theoretical " becomes "Practical" when the goal is achieved.
i. Budget going to Andhra - Now I say this is again a thinking from a paranoid. Write down the names of all the chief ministers. Mark how many are from Andhra, how many are from Telangana and how many are from Rayalseema. Hope you got it. Who is the prime minister of India between 91-95? Where is he from?
No one is blaming just the coastal Andhra CMs for present scenario. All the rulers of AP irrespective of their origin are reponsible for the situation.
j.The same scenario exists here - This is a pure politicians' statement. Statement with no evidence, no ground. Ignore this.
I am providing detailed evidence in support of injustice done to Telangana in this message. Please read with patience and positive outlook.
Many people say why do we need 2 states when we have same "telugu" as our language. I ask them why are 6 states existing in India with "Hindi" as a language.
a. A government is basically formed in democracy by the people to rule the people. Center, State, District, Mandal, Village... we have governing bodies..top to bottom. To make administrative tasks easy states with alnguage are formed. To make administration reach everyone and to represent people. May be some Samsthans at that time determined/influenced which state theirs' is going to be in.
Your analysis is partially correct. But Social/Economic conditions of a particular region play a critical role in division of states. Please pay attention to Faizal Commission' report addressing the same.
b.It would have been nice had you mentioned it is easier for a government to reach it's people if the sate is small (by population not by demography). Look at the reasons from you.
c. Telangana wants to be seperated because its culture... - Refer to the points above.
Who said it? You are unnecessarily blaming me.
d. Language is used for fun - - First of all telangana is not another language, it's a different dialect.
Dont read between lines. You very well know that I meant Telangana language as Telangana Dialect. Its a grammatical mistake.
Whatever the dialect may be it is still telugu - Ask your self.. Did you watch those movies? If watched those.. you encouraged the producers, you get the same quality movie once again making fun of dialect. If every person in Telangana stops watching those movies check the result. If you happened to watch that movie and enjoyed and saying this now.. that makes you a pure hypocrat. - You sent a review on Seperate Telangana. Frankly ask your self, did you send any revies about those movies making fun of dialect. If you have already not, first do that before talking any more about seperate Telangana.
Dont assume and start blaming. Majority of the Telangana People started realizing. Realization and movements take their time to come. India obtained independence after 400 yrs. of foreign rule.
e. other media - What other media you are talking about.. every other media other than movies is dead. May be print media is still there.. I saw many movies, stories in which East Godaviri landuage is made fun of. I never took it that way.. let people, media,.. express what they feel. If you don't like some thing express your openion as loud as you could.
It reflects you and your respect to your origins.
Many ask if you split up AP, it will scatter into small pieces. Let me tell them Area of Telangana is lot bigger than Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala.
Just this point gives complete analysis of you. Guess this kind of words can come from some one who is - a Separatist a looser who has great -ve attitude I wish you will get equally good in additions and multiplications; as good as DIVISIONS and SUBTRACTIONS.
The words used by you " Separatist a looser who has great -ve attitude " reflects your -ve attitude. I have been positive in providing information. Please see my reply to your mention of Divisions and subtractions in the following paragraphs.
Some ask, at the stage of AP booming in IT, Economy, why do we want a seperate Telangna?
Excuse me. How will you generate revenue for the state??? Where you get money to spend on literacy, drinking water, agriculture. Seperate Telangana is a movement just to waste everyone's time. When you are asking about illiteracy.. ask your self did you do some thing to improve literacy? How all these problems are going to be solved with seperate Telangana. Ask the old chief ministers from Telangana.
Dear friend, the taxes contributed by Telangana people will be used for Telangana Development. The jobs in Telangana will be alloted to local strictly following G.O. I suggest you to have a look at the following link to have understanding of Telangana contribution to AP.

Educational disparities in AP: and figures mentioned ..
a. I do not have numbers; so benefit of doubt your numbers are right.
Its very authentic information. You need not doubt.
b. 26 out of 72 ITIs --> it's better that 1/3. You are poor in Divisions also my friend.
I am unable to control myself from laughing at you. Telangana by area is more than 40% of the state and by population is about 50% of the state. It should be 1/2 i.e. 36 ITIs. You should start doing divisions which you learnt in elementary school.
c. 20 out of 91 politechinic - why are you not mentioning Govt college numbers here??
It reflects.
Irrigational Disparities in AP: and details with figures mentioned..
a. I name Dhowleswaram (British time), Prakasam as major projects in Andhra and Sriram Sagar, Kinnerasani in Telangana
Do you have minimum knowledge of the volume of waters Telangana gets from the above projects? Had you known that, you shouldn't have written ignorant statements.
b. Nagarjunasagar is between Andhra, Talangana
Nagarjunasagar for Telangana. Hahahaha! Telangana gets negligible share of water from Nagarjunasagar.
c. Seeleru between Orisa and Andhra Pradesh (Andhra, Telangana)...
Mention the share Telangana gets.
d. Irrigation system in Andhra is there from British time; what we have done is eating up all the money from then and doing minor improvements.. apart from Sagar.
Read the details I provide in this message.
Please stop crying any more. Don't preach separatist ideas. I can go on for the rest of the matter here.. I think this is enough.
No one is crying. We are demanding. I quite well know that you dont have any patience in reading the entire message I posted.
I am proud Telugu.
I am a proud human being.
Please keep your separatist ideas to your self. Hope attitude of the Telangana Porata Samithi or who ever supporting them changes.
It is not a separatist idea, but it is a demand for fair share.

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