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We are UNAWARE of many facts of Telangana. That is why we tend to pass a statement with out any thought "What would a seperate state get?". I put up the FACTS in this mail. I wish atleast you would read this mail completely with patience. Whether you would pursue interest or not, it's up to you.

1.Why did Potti Sriramulu sacrifice his life for seperation of Andhra from Madras?
Because Madras People were consciously dominating in terms of budget/resouce allocation, disparity to Telugu samskruti, misrepresentation of Telugu people in media. The same scenario exists here.

2. Many people say why do we need 2 states when we have same "telugu" as our language. I ask them why are 6 states existing in India with "Hindi" as a language.
Telangana wants to be seperated because its culture is not given enough encouragement and its language is used as funny in movies and other media.

3. Many ask if you split up AP, it will scatter into small pieces.
Let me tell them Area of Telangana is lo bigger than Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala.

4. Some ask, at the stage of AP booming in IT, Economy, why do we want a seperate Telangna?
With out having literacy, drinking water and dry lands without water where crores of people live on Agriculture in Telangana, who cares for IT?

Educational disparities in AP:
Although Telangana accounts for half of the state's population, less than 25 percent of educational institutions from primary to college level are situated in the region. Only 15 percent of aided junior colleges are in Telangana while it has only two medical colleges. As many as six medical colleges are in the other areas. The region is discriminated in the field of technical education also. Only 26 out of the 72 government ITIs, 20 of the 91 polytechnic colleges are in Telangana. The gross injustice to Telangana can be seen from expenditure on education. Of the total expenditure of Rs 1150.2 crore the state has incurred on the aided degree colleges since 1956, coastal Andhra cornered the loin's share of 73.71 percent while Telangana got a paltry 10.43 percent. The corresponding share of the two regions in the expenditure incurred on the aided junior colleges is 62.71 percent and 9.45 percent, respectively. In this kind of lopsidedness, how can literacy spread? This is no accident; it cannot be especially since it has continued since 1956, and it pervades all type of education - school, college, professional and technical.

Irrigational Disparities in AP:
Of the three regions of the state, Telangana has the largest area, with 11,48,000 sq km, followed by coastal Andhra with 9,28,000 sq km. The cultivable area is estimated at 64,02,358 hectares in Telangana and 46,33,304 hectares in the Coastal Andhra. But 13,12,795 hectares or 28.33 percent of the cultivable land in the Coastal Andhra is being irrigated under canal irrigation system, whereas 2,66,964 hectares or 4.17 percent of the cultivable land in Telangana is receiving canal waters.

The amount spent in Telangana so far is Rs. 4005 crores while that spent in Coastal Andhra is Rs. 19,693.50 crores, nearly five times higher. In terms of percentage, while Telangana got a mere 15.5 percent, coastal Andhra got 76 percent.

The latest example is that of recruitment of more than 200 munisif magistrates, the highest post under direct recruitment. In course of time, they will become district and high court judges. Evidently, with an eye on capturing these crucial posts, the procedure has been changed, more centers of examinations opened in coastal Andhra towns, and it was ensured that an overwhelming majority of examiners chosen belong to Coastal Andhra: 50 of 55 judges-examiners were Andhras. The written examination was held on February 23, 1997. The results were predictable: 68 candidates (80 percent of them from Andhra region) passed from Hyderabad; Warangal ( the only center in Telangana) was only 15. Visakapatnam accounted for 85, Vijaywada 75 and Tirupati 47 successful candidates. Only 30 candidates out of 290 called for interview are from Telangana

Budget allocation:
In terms of budget allocations, the pattern is the same: denial, deprivation and diversion. Based on area and population, Telangana should get 39-44 percent of the state's budget allocations. But at no point did its allocation exceed 30 percent. Yet Telangana contributes 42 percent of revenue to the state exchequer. Besides, according to some reports, as much as Rs 5000 crores allocated to Telangana under various heads by successive state governments have been diverted to the coastal Andhra region in the past two decades.

Misrepresentation and bias in Media:
There is misrepresentation of facts in the Press (Especially Eenadu - Ramoji Rao wants to suppress the movement. He doesn't publish single news of Telangana.). Yesterday night I found out that Eenadu sales went down by 40 % in last month as Telanganites are boycotting it. If Andhra Farmer looses crops once in 2 yrs, Eenadu publishes it as front page feature but at the same if 2000 people(farmers) die in warangal because of lack of water (basic amenity), it publishes it in district news.

We dont know if we would have dedicated any time or resource if we were born during pre-independence era. Same situation is before us. Fighting for seperate telangana doesn't mean fighting with fellow andhrites. It just means we take share of what we deserve. I am 100% confident that seperate Telangana would be attained.

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