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On the Malabar coast along the Kerala shore line is a small village, called Kovalam. This sleepy town suddenly came on the tourist map when its fabulous beaches were discovered. Today Kovalam has become one of the most popular beach hangouts in India. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and truly the coconut trees along the beaches gives it a ravishing look. The palm-fringed bays in secluded coconut groves, promises a relaxed stay. The boundless blue waters of Arabian sea and miles of the white sands washed away by the surfs at the feet of the stalwart palms and the rocky promontories makes Kovalam a beach paradise. The tourism industry is relatively in its infancy in this small town but but it promises one of the world's best beach resorts.

Kovalam Beach

The crescent shaped beaches of Kovalam can be divided in three parts. Southern most beach is known as the Lighthouse Beach. This beach has been attracting most tourists and they spend most of their time here. Further south on the beach one can have a spectacular view of the Vizhinzam mosque. Photography is prohibited here. The middle beach is called Hawah. Each morning this beach acts as a base for the local fisherman. The northern most beach, Samudra, is least affected of all by the changing times. It is dotted with few rudimentary wooden fishing vessels. In the evening the quite atmosphere of the place is broken down by the performance of Kathakali, the classical dance-drama of Kerala.

This mellow Keralan coastal village was once a picturesque settlement built next to two palm-fringed coves enclosed by rocky headlands, but development has been almost unplanned.

There's a plethora of places to stay, ranging from cheap concrete boxes to up-market resorts, and a large number of under-equipped restaurants catering to standard Asian traveler's menus. Many of the badly maintained hotels and restaurants were ugly even before they started to fall apart and the amount of garbage piled up behind the beach is a complete disgrace. The effects of a large influx of 'independent' travelers on an unprepared environment are clear to see.

Kovalam is developing not only as a beach resort but is fast developing as a Yoga and health center. One can have Ayurvedic massages and oil baths or learn the intricacies and dynamics of Yoga and meditation taught by experts.

Warning: Be careful about the unpredictable rip currents and an often strong undertow while swimming. Though the life guards were introduced, deaths due to drowning do occur. Keep a close eye on the children and do not ignore the safety flags.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram. Taxis, auto rickshaws and buses run regularly between Thiruvananthapuram and Kovalam. Buses also link the place from Ernakulam, Kanyakumari and Periyar wildlife sanctuary. Thriuvananthapuram Airport and Railway head serves the requirements of Kovalam.


  • The Kovalam Ashok Beach Resort (0471-480101)
  • KTDC Hotel Samudra (0471-480089)
  • Hotel Sea Face (0471-418835)
  • Swagath Holiday Resorts (0471-481148)
  • Hotel Park Lane (0471-480058)
  • Moonlight Tourist Home (0471-480375)
  • Hotel Thushara (0471-480692)
  • Hotel Neptune (0471-480222)
  • Hotel Sea Rock (0471-480422)

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