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The South Indian state of Karanataka has the best tourist attractions for the tourists of all interests. It has a long coastal belt, historic monuments, forests,  dams, waterfalls and what not. The highest falls in India - The Jog falls is located in Shimoga district of Karnataka . These falls are formed by river Sharavati which fall from a height of 970 feet above the sea level to create a feast for the visitors . There are four streams which form the falls - the King, the Queen, the Roarer and the Rocket. (in the pic below from the left King, Roarer, Rocket, Queen). The best time to visit is between  July to October. (I have visited the place in December, there was not much water to see). There are many other places to look around Jog  - Linganmakki dam and Honnemaradu,  a good place for adventerous water sports. This place also provides breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset . There are many water activities including coracling, canoeing, kayaking and wind rafting . This place is in a forest and there is not even a telephone facility or a newspaper available. The place is vast area of backwaters studded with small green islands in between.  The place is a good escape for those who want break from normal city life.   

Jog View Jog View Sunset at Honnemaradu Sunrise at Honnemaradu

Both the places are connected by road to Bangalore, Shimoga, Mangalore and other important towns around . This place is around 100km from Shimoga which is 250 km from Bangalore . Nearest Airport is Mangalore .

Highlights at Honnemaradu:
1. The best experience was canoeing across backwaters  for a distance of  2.5 km from an island to the main land in the night  against the wind and  water  stream. The view of the dam and starlit sky was  unforgettable.
2.  The sunrise behind the hills and it's reflection in the water as seen from an  island . 
3.  Getting toppled from a kayak in middle of  the water, turning  the kayak upside down, climbing it and starting all  over again is something worth going for.

Courtesy: Mr.Udaya Kiran M