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The twins in the mother's womb were uninformed and unaware at the beginning.

As the weeks followed each other, they grew. Their hands, feet, organs began to develop. Meanwhile, they began to notice what was happening around. As they came to know more of the comfortable and safe place they were in, their happiness was augmented.

They always said to each other the same thing: " Having come to the womb, living here... how wonderful, isn't it?? Ah, how beautiful the life is!"

As they grew, they set off to explore the world they were living in. Indeed, what was the source of life? And searching this, they came across the cord connecting them to their mother. They detected it was by this very cord that they were effortlessly nurtured in comfort and safety...

"How ample it is, our mother's grace and affection! She sends us all we need via this cord..."

Now that months were passing by, the twins were rapidly growing. In other words, they were getting closer to the "end of the road." As they watched, in awe, these changes, they began to receive the signs of departure: leaving, one day, this world of beauty.

They began to feel these signs even more strongly, as they neared the ninth month. One of the twins, growing anxious of the situation, asked the other:

"What is happening? What is the meaning to all these??"

The other was more serene and self-contained. Besides, the place they were in, often did not satisfy him and he desired a larger realm. He replied:

"All these imply that we will not be able to stay in this world far longer."

And added: "We are coming to the end of our lives here."

"But I do not want to go!" cried the other. "I want to stay forever here..."

"There's nothing we can do. And perhaps, there is life after birth."

"How this could be, after the cord that gives us life is cut off?" replied the other. "If the cord that gives us life is cut, how can we remain alive, tell me?!... And look! there have been others here before us and then they have left. None have returned that one could tell there was life after birth... No, this will be the end of everything..." Having said all these, he added: "And perhaps there is no mother!!"

"There must be" rejected the other. "How otherwise could we have come here, how could we survive?"

"Have you ever seen our mother?" insisted the other. "Maybe, she exists only in our minds. Maybe we have made it all up, for the mere thought of having a mother eased us..."

And thus passed their last days in the womb with profound questionings and debates.

Eventually, the time of birth came. The twins, when they left their world of comfort, opened their eyes to another world... and they began to weep tears of joy... For the scenery they saw, was even beyond their imaginations...
Sent by Madhri Roy.