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This is my list. They're the ones I've selected for my life at present. Consider them suggestions for yourself—ideas to help you generate your own top ten list. By getting clear on and acting upon YOUR most important steps, you'll be moving toward and experiencing your highest and best.
  1. Practice gratefulness. Reflect upon the things in my life for which I'm grateful. If I appreciate more of what I have, I will have even more to appreciate.

  2. Write out my three most important goals and visualize how my life will be when I have achieved them. FEEL it. EXPERIENCE it in as much sensory detail as I can possibly imagine.

  3. Take some action steps toward each of the three goals.

  4. Exercise my body and monitor carefully what I eat and drink. Reduce fat and caloric intake while expending more calories. Eat only small amounts at one time.

  5. Read something educational, inspirational or entertaining—preferably all three.

  6. Meditate. Empty my conscious mind and listen to the Super-conscious.

  7. Have fun doing something I love to do. Experience joy.

  8. Write something—anything. If not an article or part of my book, then write in my journal.

  9. Perform some act of kindness. Do a thoughtful, magnanimous thing—anonymously if possible.

  10. Finish something. Do something I can call complete.
BONUS STEP: Make something work better—Practice ADS: Automate, Delegate and Systemize.
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