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"Here I lay in the cold dark sand,"
thinking of war
with this gun in my hand.
Wondering what tomorrow may bring,
as I look upon my wedding ring.

Who will raise my son
and love my wife,
if Saddam Hussein takes my life?
He won't back down,
he's as stubborn as a mule;
He doesn't know anything
of a golden rule.

I hope my son is just like me,
fight for his country,
so all can be free.

It's a job no one wants to do,
but are we still free
both me and you?

Some people say that we shouldn't fight,
that in a war no one is right.
If everyone knew right from wrong,
there would be no war, only song.

I'll do my job tho it may take my life,
so freedom can be had,
by my son and my wife.
My life is in my maker's hands,
as he watches over me
in this foreign land.

I'll be here til the job is done,
in darkest night or hottest sun.
I'll help these people take a stand,
against Saddam Hussein
who's taken their land.

When this is over and again I am home,
from our free country
I'll never roam.
So the freedom we enjoy in our fair land,
can also be had,
by our fellow man.

…From A Viet Nam Vet
“……you are not alone.”
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