The Journey Back   Home  
Ships are not built for the harbor,
surely in life there is more.
The journey is what brings fulfillment
to a life that is worth living for.

From the heart comes the hope of the present,
from memories dreams from the past.
From the soul comes the spirit of living,
from experience lessons that last.

Look ahead to see where you are going,
look behind to see where you have been.
Look inside to discover your purpose,
then let your life’s voyage begin.

Take care as you sail to your future.
Share kindness with people you meet.
Take heart in the oceans you conquer,
till your journey through life is complete.

And when your life’s voyage is over,
when your sun starts to set in the sea,
pass on to the next generation
the joy that the journey can be.
Published in, Author Unknown, sent by my friend Madhuri Roy