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5 Tablespoons of Understanding

1 Cup of Tolerance

1/2 Cup of Sweetness

4 Tablespoons of Like

6 Tablespoons of Love

1/2 Cup of Gentleness

4 Tablespoons of Sensitivity

Season with Desire, Need, Commitment

Start with the basic ingredients of Love and Like, seasoned with Desire, Need and Commitment, then add 1/2 cup of Gentleness and stir until soft, but peaking. Add tablespoons of Sensitivity until very smooth, then continue to add Tolerance until all the lumps are gone. Mix "briskly" until thick. Cook slowly - for too much heat too quickly, may scorch it, damaging your previous efforts. If this occurs, remove the outer shell, re-stir and add the desired ingredients to accomplish smoothness, but peaking. Re-cook per directions, and remember - Only the outer shell was damaged, the basic ingredients remain. The quantity may be slightly reduced, but not the quality. Apply maximum pressure until completely done and firm.

Note: It is perfectly acceptable to add a pinch of argument and, now and then, discontent . . . this adds flavoring and makes appreciation of the dessert.
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