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An easy way to put blame on elders.

Unjustifiable usage of terminology when we ignore their elderly nobility.

Failure on younger generation (only a few!) to appreciate the fact that we are going to be old a few years later.

Yes! Our children will call us old and unfit if we treat our elders like that.


What you do comes back in original. This is the reality, the law of God.

Listen, Elders are our assets; they are not waste and useless. If we fail to use their wisdom, it is our loss and not theirs. Encourage their participation in your daily life. They appreciate in their value by their experience. We need wisdom to appreciate this.
Always seek their advice, you can really learn.
Always seek their blessings; God will bless you
Always Love them; your children will love you
Always remember that they are our guides; Life will be smoother

"Books can give information; we need to convert that into knowledge"
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