DownLoad Instructions
1.If you are using Internet Explorer, then you need not download any font. Just follow these 2 simple steps.

First, on the top of your browser, there is an option "View". In that, go to "Encoding"

This should be set to User Defined. If you check this one, you page automatically refreshes.
2.If you are using Netscape browser, Click here to download TeluguLipi Font.
3.Normally this will install the font on your system. If not, locate the downloaded lipi.exe file and click on it to start installing the font in your system.
4.While installing these fonts, if you are prompted that you already have those fonts in your system, first delete those fonts. For this, you locate the telugulipi.ttf on your system. Right click on it and select delete. This will move your font to Recyclebin. Empty recycle bin.
5.If u still cannot see the telugu font, check your browser settings. For Netscape, go to Top "View" option -> Character Encoding -> set it as User Defined.
6.Even after this, if u are unable to see these pages in Telugu Font, consider yourself lucky.. because you are not subjected to my torture!!! Just Kidding! Please contact the developers of this software