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My mother describes me as very impulsive. I like to be that way. So, she was always there to check me from doing any drastic adventure. Still I had my share of memories in India. Here, in Canada being all alone, I did too many mistakes and too many things which sometimes really are none of my business. Though they are no great things, I am telling u because.. you.. visitors to my site are my best friends. Because everyone has few things to share with unknown people. That is the main reason why some of our Email friends know more about us than our best buddy since our school days. I choose to tell my good, bad and ugly moments in life to you. Some are funny.. some are stupid and some are really weird.

Suspected Rapist!!

Suspected Rapist!!   Top
One day, I read in our local newspaper that there is a notorious rapist who attacks lone women in the York University area. He molested 7 women in the same fashion (he attacks them in dark, drags them into the nearby thick bushes) Police got a key clue about him from his latest victim. It is.. he wears a track suit with a peculiar symbol - 'A woman and a man sitting to their backs naked' I thought I know that symbol. After thinking for 3 minutes, I remembered.. I saw a 16-18 years old man wearing it in a bus in that area (I live in North York only) Not once.. 2 or 3 times! When I saw that person, I found the symbol on his pant and jacket amusing and had a second look. Upon close look, I understood that symbol and wondered how colleges allow kids coming in such designs. (Then ofcourse, I thought he is a student!)

That newspaper informed us that he generally wear that dress and that brand is called 'kappa' - some Asian brand, expensive and rare. Police asked anyone with any information about such brand to call a special hotline to give what ever info they have.

So, I was soo excited. I can help the police in nabbing a dangerous rapist!! But I was a bit skeptic. What if from tomorrow the police call me every other day and ask me to identify some suspect? I cant recollect his face. Also what about my security? (too many Indian masala movies?!!) So, I thought of calling my parents and taking their advice. After some thinking I dropped that idea and instead called my friend Syam in Qatar. He was horrified with my idea. He left numerous messages to my voice mail pleading me not to take any action until I talk to him in this matter.

With his messages, I could guess what he will say.. if I talk to him. But my conscience is asking me to call the police immediately. I called that hotline, told everything I know about that person. No questions asked.. they just recorded everything I said.

Next day, that person was arrested. Noooo.. not because of my clues. Many people called the police with little piece of information each.. and with them, police could nab him. Syam gave me good lecture about how and why I should be more careful in such things. Being a very good person, he was genuinely concerned about me. That week, when I called India, I told my parents about my little adventure. My mom gladly welcomed my action where as my dad gave me another brain wash!