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Sounds like 90's Jackie Chan movie title? Why not? He is my favorite actor! Well, here, I just want to tell you who I am.

My Country   Top

I am a proud citizen of India, I was born and brought up there. Now a Permanent Resident of Canada. India is the largest democratic country with rich traditions. No other country in the developing world is as heterogeneous as India. India is a huge melting pot with people of different religions, cultures, music, art and literature mingling together in harmony. Indians speak more than 179 languages, of them only 18 are officially recognized. Many invaders came and conquered India bringing along their art and culture and later on they slowly amalgamated with Indian people and their culture. India is country of tolerance and wisdom, but when it has to defend it self it will surely try to protect its people and their way of life.

My Place of Birth   Top

I am from Kakinada which is in East Godavari, a district in Andhra Pradesh(a state in southern India). My native language is Telugu. Districts of East and West Godavari are known as the rice bowls of Andhra Pradesh. Kakinada is a beautiful place with lot of trees, flowers and fauna, the birds singing their delightful tunes makes it one of the most beautiful places to live in. It is the place that has given me the warmth and the best years of my life. Basically people are very hard working and a cultured lot. I have spent all my life before coming to Canada in Kakinada except for short periods of time in Hyderabad and Vizag.

My Parents   Top

I am second among three daughters to my parents. I was born on 11th September. My father, Sri.U.Subba Rao worked as a Senior Accountant at District Treasury, Vizag and Kakinada. He is a person with good principles like sincerity, straight forwardness. My mother, Smt.U.Sarala Kumari is a house wife. She is the first person who taught me never to say 'I don't know'!! If she finds some thing she don't know, she simply learns it. She, without having any playing experience, used to write Cricket reviews in our local newspaper. Her knowledge of cricket is self learned through television. When I was doing graduation, I was so bitchy that I criticized her about her discontinuing PUC studies. She took it up as a challenge, appeared for BA entrance and now, she is Double M.A and still enjoying and working hard to learn new things. Her recent achievement was a Computer degree with 85%!! Wow! I am proud to be your daughter, Mom!! My father is a broad minded person who knows the capabilities of my mother. He, at every stage encouraged my mom. During the ups and downs of my life, my parents were my moral support and back bone to me. Even today, they support some of my crazy ideas. They believe in me! They believe if I dream of doing a thing passionately, I will achieve it and they know how to encourage me to reach for my dreams.

Other Family Members   Top

My elder sister, Smt.R.Annapurna is a science graduate. I still wonder , where she got those artistic ideas of hers. She is talented. Her skills in art are outstanding and won her some international awards also. Her talents include drawing, sewing, cooking, house management and what not. She is very fussy about being neat and I am a lazy person. We often argue on that matter. Brother-in-law Mr.R.Narasimha Murthy is working as a project manager in Satyam, Pune. They have a wonder kid Koushik, whom I love him very much and a sweet little angel AmrutaVarshini. This cute little baby smiles like an 'AmrutaVarshini'!!

My younger sister, Ms.U.Sujatha is a commerce graduate. She loves to interacte with people a lot and I like her innocence (she never will agree if we say she is!). She gets angry very fast and cools down that quickly. I like her personality. Very open, friendly, helping and child like. It is soo amazing to see this bubbly girl in love. She will get married on June 2, 2002. You must hear her talking about her would-be! You want to be in Love to feel the magic of Love!

My grand mother, Smt. M.Surya Kantham. You remember Jack Nicholson in 'As Good as It Gets' movie? She is like that.. people who dont know her dislike her..as she always talk frank. But the many who know her inner self can do anything for her. She is a very good carnatic singer. She plays violin very well. She is one of the founding members of a local devotional singing group Satkalavaahini. At this age of 70+ also she helps their orchestra. I like her sense of charity. She helped many people by donating to local temples and Ashram Sravani(a old age home).

Our pet dog is Sony. I first disliked the idea of bringing a dog to home. We had a dog which died very painfully. My whole family was in grief and I couldn't bear the loss. Then our uncle gave Sony to us. Soon, she became a part of our life. She is always playful making us happy with her naughty deeds. She won the Best Dog Award 2 years in a row!!

My Education   Top

I completed my school education at Tagore Convent's City Public School, Kakinada. There, I was an average student. When it came to studies, they were just a time pass for me and I never was that bright nor failed in any exam. I was lazy and when ever I opened my books, I felt like sleeping. Only before the exams, I used to read diligently. After X Standard our whole school gang joined Ideal College for Arts and Sciences, Kakinada. I took Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my main subjects. In college, I played an active role in college elections and was elected as Ladies Representative. I completed my graduation in the year 1991.

Computer Education   Top

My skills are :

  • I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications at Indira Computer Center, Kakinada. Here, I learned the fundamental concepts of computer, MS-DOS, Basic, COBOL, Lotus 1-2-3, WordStar and dBase III+.
  • I completed UNIX, C, LAN, ORACLE, SAD, CASE TOOLS at Aptech Computer Education, Kakinada.
  • Learned WINDOWS, MS-OFFICE, ORACLE 7.x, at V.I.C.T., Kakinada.
  • Fox pro at B.D.P.S., Kakinada.
  • IBM AS/400 at Pentasoft, Kakinada.
  • ASP I learned from my hostel room-mate Latha Lakshmi in Hyderabad.
  • Cold Fusion, PHP I learned on my own while working in Canada.
My Likes & Dislikes   Top

I love good music. Hindi / English / Telugu no problem !!! I like compositions of O.P.Nayyar, A.R.Rehman, Rajan-Nagendra, Keeravani, Ilayaraja, S.P.B., Viju Shah. Songs of Suseela, Sunidhi Chowhan, Anuradha Paudwal, Sujatha, Sadhana Sargam, Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Singh, Udit Narayan, Sukhvinder Singh (not their horrible telugu songs!), Abhijeet, Sonu Nigam, Abba, BoneyM, Tony Braxton, Diana King and many boy bands.

I am into drawing. When ever I get sometime, I draw sketches of small things. I learned drawing basics from my mother and sister.

One of my other favourite leisure time activities is watching movies!! I like movies made by Bapu, Hrishikesh Mukharjee, Krishna Vamsi, Gulzar, Late T.Krishna, some films of Ram Gopal Varma, Vamsee, Mahesh Bhatt. Basically, I watch movies with good music and entertainment. I like Rajendra Prasad, Vijaya Santi (in T.Krishna movies), Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Sridevi, Late Sanjeev Kumar, Late Smita Patil, Late Gurudatt and Late Madhubala acting. In English, I watch popular movies. My knowledge of English movies is very limited. But ,still I like all the movies of Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal. In English, I like action movies with thrilling sequences.

I write short stories in Telugu - as i told you before is my mother tongue. Some of my stories were published in our local (Kakinada) newspapers.

I am passionate about politics. One thing I can say for sure is.. I am more involved about India and its happenings after I left India. I want India to get rid of corrupt politics.

I like Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mr.L.K.Advani. I like dynamic personality of Late Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Late Mr.Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Late Mr.Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu garu. Coming to support political parties in India, I think I am a bit confused. First I liked the ideals of Communists. Thanks to the U.S.S.R. magazines I read during my school days. When I first became eligible to vote, I was stumped by Rajiv Gandhi's charisma. But not his principles or any thing. Silly of me.. I found him very attractive then and voted for his party candidate!! What a waste of my energy! After that, I liked some of the principles which BJP stood for and joined that party. I campaigned for Krishnam Raju, a Telugu film actor who contested on BJP ticket from Kakinada. Now, I am not sure if I still believe in BJP after Tehalka and few other issues.

Special mention about my fascination for Sonia Gandhi. She do not have any qualities I like for a politician.. but I like her dignity, her self respect. She was almost alike when Rajiv was a pilot or Prime Minister or Opposition Leader. I admire her way of coping with things when her whole world turned upside down few years back when Rajiv was assassinated though I do not like her coming into politics for the wrong reason. I dont like women playing puppets in the hands of wrong people trying to cash sympothy.

Sports.. I watch games where India is playing (and of course if it is winning!) I remember those good old days when my friends were stumped by the charms of Ravi Shastri in school and then fight about Ajay Jadeja with other girls who are Sourav Ganguli fans!! I like Sabatini, Steffi Graph (Tennis), Viswanathan Anand (Chess), Kapil Dev, Tendulkar, Dean Jones, Wasim Akram, Steve Waugh (Cricket)

I don't like people hurting animals. For that reason, I became a vegetarian.

My Religion   Top

I am a Hindu and I am proud of being one. My religion taught me broad-mindedness. As for me,if i want to make new friends, their nature is far more important than their caste or religion. I believe in Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. I also worship other Gods. God is one and the same but only has different names. But these days, I donno why.. I am like not thanking God for all the things he did for me.

My Friends   Top

My philosophy about friendship is, you can be a good friend only when you can accept and respect your friend's good and bad qualities. Some of my very close friends are :
  • Aruna - She is in US now. My class-mate since my school days.
  • Malathi - We were classmates till 6th standard. They left Kakinada then. We saw each other again after we completed our graduation. But in the mean time, we were in regular touch by mails. We often go nostalgic about our days of innocence as kids.
  • Sridevi - She is a House-wife also a very good programmer. My junior in school and worked in Unics before me.
  • Begum - She is now working at Bhanu & Co., after I resigned that job. She helped me a lot in by difficult times.
  • Uma - She is in US now. She inspired me a lot to try my chances abroad. We two were classmates at V.I.C.T., Kakinada.
  • Latha Lakshmi & Padmaja - We three were room-mates when I was in Hyderabad. We used to discuss life, career, love. . what not! Our ideas were alike and each are determined to achieve something in life.
  • Kishore - He was my colleague when I was working at Unics. There, he guided me in taking some important decisions of my life. I learnt how people should not be from him.
  • Murthy - He is a very smart person and very innocent. I always wanted him as my brother. Our friendship started with fighting. He also was my colleague at Unics.
  • Anuradha - I like her a lot for her courage and dynamic nature. I know her after coming to Toronto.
  • Syam - He is my Email friend from Qatar. I like his way of analyzing and solving any complicated issue.
  • Srinivas - Srinu is Aruna's brother. He is like 911 for me in Canada. He was there for me when I faced difficult times in Canada.