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I always wanted to do an informative site about Canada, its immigration process, opportunities there to help the people who wanted to know how the life is in Canada.. dream about coming to Canada, because, I was having trouble finding out. Being a person with high qualifications, high spirits to do something.. to prove yourself, when due to the economic conditions of the country you live or something else, when your talent is not used to its full extent, we undergo a stress.. a depression.. A feeling that nobody cares about you..there is no value to your talents! But it is not true.. it is only that it is always important to be in the right place at the right moment for proving what we are. In these days of internet and globalization, there are no bounds.. there are no restrictions to show (y)our talents!

India! A treasure of talents and Canada a pond (or land ) of opportunities. In India, opportunities are not able to cope up to accommodate the rush or flow of many talented people. This is resulting in many people being under-utilized and making them to live in conditions which are much inferior to what they deserve. This throws anyone in desperation and distress. I feel that this emergence of undesirable competition is due to immobility of the talented people. Due to lack of awareness about other places or psychological fears about new environments they never know about opportunities outside our country. There is another section of people who are prepared to take any risk but they may also be deceived by some mediators for lack of information.

My objective of making this site is to invite our fellow citizens to make use of vast number of opportunities in Canada, benefit themselves in particular and to benefit our community at large. This is not an attempt to show that I am perfect or that I acheived anything and everything in life. I want to make this site as a common platform to make you move from thought to action. i.e., idea about Canada to settling down in Canada. In that process, I just want to act as a catalyst.

I put my experiences and ideas to the best of my knowledge and try to keep updating whenever any useful info is available. As we know, the drops of water can make oceans, I request the viewers of this page to share their knowledge and experiences and make my mission more successful. For this purpose please make use of guest book.