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The war in Kashmir is a Jehad by the people against Indian oppression and we are politically, diplomatically and morally supporting it'' says General Musharraf. ''Yes, it is a Jehad launched by the lecherous, murderous and greedy foreigners against the peace loving people of Kashmir'' says the father of 15 year old girl who was repeatedly raped by the foreign 'guests' for ten days.

The so called `Jehadis' imported from Pakistan, Afghanistan and a host of other Muslim countries have unleashed a `Jehad' of countless rapes, forced marriages and followed by `talaq', kidnappings, extortion and cold blooded murders of innocent civilians. Most cases do not see the light of the day for fear of reprisals and defamation in the society. There have been innumerable cases of mothers and daughters being raped under the same roof. Any resistance leads to instantaneous death of the tormented and harassment for the family members.

These Jehadis are under no law hence fearless of any punishment that can be meted out to them.

Recently, a case came to light where a terrorist of Hizbul Mujahideen namely Ghulam Rasool Malik, resident of Tangwein, kidnapped a minor named Aasia Begum (name changed) from Halan village and kept her with him for ten days. The reason was her refusal to accept the advances made by Ghulam Rasool and his foreign `guests, whom he wanted to entertain. Earlier the mother and elder sister of the girl had been thoroughly exploited by the same person for his foreign guests.

Aasia Begum, aged 15 years was kidnapped on 02 July 2000 while she was on her way to school where she was studying in IX class. The terrorists repeatedly raped and tortured her for ten days. Ultimately when they were moving to a new place, they left her in the jungles to find her way home. They had gone to a new place to find yet another Aasia Begum and make her also a part of this `Jehad' in the same way.

Aasia has lost her innocence and the world around her has crumbled. She no longer plays or speaks to her friends. School now is a distant dream as the society does not care for her feelings. She cannot understand what is her fault. Is she not a human being? Does she have no rights?

She cannot demand her tormentors be brought to justice as this is part of `Jehad'. She doesnot know that she is wished to be part of the entertainment troupe for the so called `Jehadis'.

And in the Mujahideens idea of `Jehad' Aasia Begums' have no rights.
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