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While the world woke up to the dangers of terrorism after the attacks in the US, the Kashmiri Pandit community which became victim of the menace 12 years ago is still fighting for alleviation of their sufferings.

Spearheading the fight, Kashmiri Samiti has addressed a letter to the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) highlighting the sufferings of the community following their displacement from the Valley 12 years ago and seeking an end to these through the commission's intervention.

"Having been hounded out of our homes and hearths in a pre-determined fashion by fundamentalist forces by unleashing a wave of terror against us, we the displaced people do not entertain even a remote hope of returning in the near future. We continue to live in perpetual state of uncertainty," the letter by Samiti president Sunil Shakdher said.

Pointing out that Kashmiri Pandits formed the minority community in Jammu and Kashmir, it sought security of all kinds of rights guaranteed in the constitution for the minorities.

"We are a homeless minority scattered all over the country and all our rights stand violated after our displacement," Shakdher said. "Our problems are compounded as we do not have any representation in either Parliament or J&K Assembly, the benefit availed by other minorities of the country," he said.

Demanding nomination of a member of the community in Parliament by the President, he said it would enable the community to voice their problems. Shakdher also demanded creation of a nodal agency with members from the Government, NCM and Kashmiri Samiti
Published in TheNewspaperToday. True.. everyone..papers, politicians and terrorists talk about the Terrorists and Muslims.. but they all conveniently seem to forgot about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who were driven away from their Homes in Kashmir.