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We enjoy living on false hopes, we relish self-delusions, we long for reveries, we believe in false sense of dignity, and we get perturbed if we are accosted by the hard facts of life.

To maintain our peace of mind, we embrace what is wrong and shun what is right.

We prefer to believe that white is black and black is white because our concepts of right/wrong are at daggers drawn with each other, and indeed with those of the entire world.

A weaker side always demanded equality vis-à-vis her adversary, whereas, the stronger side always stressed up on her self interest.

We have to be the stronger side if we wished for ourselves to have what we should then deserve to have.

US deputy secretary’s views would have sounded to all Pakistanis, to be as true as were the perceptions formed by them after reading Prof.

Huntington’s “The Clash of Civilisations”.

Again, nothing would have caused a ripple on the surface of the water, if Pakistanis had known that US changed its policy in every decade, going opposite to what was followed by it during the last years.

Zionists can make hey only if the world is kept in ‘Make and break process’.

In 1950s US foreign secretary Mr. Dulles termed Non-alignment of India as immoral while in 1960s, it declared it as false and so on so forth.

Mr. Richard Amritage US deputy secretary said nothing abnormal/out of the line/extra ordinary when he revealed that US pursued a false policy in South Asia, during the last 50 years.

(Dawn, July 5, 2001).

All this was known to those who carryout objective analysis and have been prognosticating every so often accordingly what can the poor self-esteem achieve if our way of thinking has totally been clouded by the fear of unknown? We must be prepared to reap what we had sown.

When the PNA asked for a role of Red-Indians like outcome, for Pakistan, and hastened to prove that yes of course the ‘Party was over’ then you lose every bit of moral right for self-esteem/patriotism etc.

The people of Pakistan are still mourning over coffin of its perceptions, of the first half of the 1977.

Oh, what has become of us! We became artificial to ourselves and our parodies proved short lived because of shortage, if not the absence of an innovative mind/minds.

Then what happened when the man kept and reared for the purpose, appeared on the scene? Some died, so me got crippled, some were incarcerated in their hideouts, and there is only one miserable looking old sole who is doing the needful for all others to come when and if the success has been achieved by him, for them.

Gen Zia did the right thing and he therefore never trusted his own kinds till God took him away.

His uniform and his body’s remains could never be traced.

There are many to stab you in the back if you insisted upon doing good for your country, which did not interest the US.

During the last 50 years to be exact to the day, US has been delivering us mercilessly hard blows in the face.

If dangled the economic carriot, to begin with and ended with outright elimination of the ones who felt reluctant to toe its line.

The fault obviously lies with our leadership who were never honest, dynamic, hard working and selfless.

Our own people were put to make his life miserable.

There were hardly one/two men of the kind.

One man, just one thin, frail TB ridden figure possessed these qualities before partition.

He was father of the Nation.

He were to fight against the mighty English rulers, rich and very powerful Hindu Congress and above all against the then PNA types of the time, who continued to bite him the hardest of all.

Where-ever it served their personal interest, it was accepted in the name of Islam, with no qualms of conscience.

Duffers became powerful, the paupers became the richest men in the world, over night.

Power for them became the heady wine rather too fast and they took no time in plundering the country more and more daily to sustain themselves in power.

The paupers of yerter days became the richest over night leaving the country pauper in place.

What can stop us getting surprised at US attitude? Probably, we wanted a short of ‘Desert Storm’ against us to understand the game of power politics.

Yes, the economic hook fixed by IMF/World Bank, is hard to be unfixed in such a short time.

Yes, Bangladesh Takka is more valuable than our rupee, yes also that our economists - the wunderkind, see flood lights across their tunnel, but what is the plight of the teeming multitude? The taste of the pudding lies in its eating; just go and ask them.

Inflation has broken their back and they can not stretch up enough to see any traces of any light across their unending tunnel.

But the fault lies with the plunderers; they realise! We need most importantly, a sort of an equilibrium in every field of our lives, through an in-built constitutional mechanism, to be implemented by a robust, intelligent, moderate, and resolute leadership.

Equal opportunities for all and sundry and no quota system.

FATA or PATA should be given to provinces or some sort of an arrangement be introduced for them that they, like provinces, form their own separate entity.

President Musharraf is going to meet PM Vajpayee on or after 15 July 2001.

One hoped that he would hold many a press conference before leaving as people are being confused by various versions coming up daily.

He would also, most probably hold one soon after arriving back home.

Every body knows that US is calling the shots in the SAARC countries.

Just imagine what kind of political leadership was killed both in India and Pakistan, after 1947? Both can ill afford to tumble, seeing what is happening in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and in Pakistan! After dissolving the Assemblies the figure-head President Tarrar was to be removed.

As per president, he personally did not need to raise his stature.

Then why? Certainly not to draw adverse comments from US itself! Vajpayee has not changed; he is same.

But it is better to learn for both sides, for self respect of both the countries.

No sacrifice should be considered greater for country’s self respect.

Let no one get surprised after seeing the joint communique, if at all, at the end of the parleys.

Discredited by each other long before 12 October 1999, the plunderers living abroad under the glare of International spotlight, must support Pakistan, at this critical juncture.

This will prove good, particularly for themselves.

What should the people bear in mind? People should know that, Israel is both a subject of International concern and an intensely important domestic problem of America.

So great are American interests in that region that even Russia with greater interests and EU both, can not accept the risk of US wrath, if they did anything against US interests.

India is in league with Israel.

And US can not ignore its (Israel’s) interests here in this region as well.

President is going to resolve the emotive question of Kashmir, he would take Pakistan and India forward.

The government to bear in mind.

The idea of becoming subservient to India is abhorant and the cooperation with the object of provoking PRC most repugnant.

At no cost will Pakistanis line up against China, who has given countless proofs of its friendship with Pakistan.

China came to our rescue when India committed aggression against Pakistan while US encouraged India to do so.

Now, the scenario is quite different to what it was sometime back.

No one in the region, would like to have a nuclear holocaust unleashed by the three intimately neighbouring states.

Such a state exists no-where in the world.

India has attained an advantageous position by being in alliance with Israel also, but then, when was she not? Let the singular honour of unleashing an atomic war against Japan, remain for the US alone.

People pour mountains of scorns on the plunderers who have rendered us economically so weak.

While hoping for the best let us gird up our loins to face any challenges that might emerge after the visit of president to India.

We shall refuse to be perturbed and will not allow our will to break under the economic pressures.

We shall face the challenge with courage and fortitude, until victory - victory for enduring peace based on norms eulogised by the world.

This article was published in FrontierPost, Pakistan. Written by retired miliatary man there, this article gives a slightly different approach towards India and Pakistan relations. I thought it is interesting. Read it.