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It is long time that we have tolerated the double agents trying to sell the graveyards of the innocent people of Kashmir in the name of Azadi or whatever it is. Yasin Malik was brought out of Agra jail where he was on smokes diet. Chander Shekhar, the then Prime Minister of India took pity on him. He was taken care by some so-called Indian intellectuals. Drama of hunger strikes and breaking hunger strikes with a glass of juice continued for long. Double agents took care of him. Kashmiries were and still are peace loving and great host even in this time of bloodshed and terrorism. What the small agents trained in a foreign country came to kill peace.

It was Yasin Malik who initiated the first killings of the unarmed air force men standing at the bus stop to collect their passage. It was he who confessed the killings. It was he who in the name of AZADI WORKED AS DOUBLE AGENT FOR India AND PAKISTAN FOOLING BOTH. Now who sent him to USA? A killer can get passport? But not other Hurriyat leaders who never took guns? How he got his passport to travel being most wanted man , being an accused in several killings in Kashmir, having no political constituency anywhere in Kashmir ?Who are these Indian Intellectuals who have backing him and for what ? How is he a member of the Huriyat Conference? Is he not a plant of Farooq Abdullah who worked out his way to Pakistan for training? Now he is singing praises for Atal Bihari Vajpayee and accusing, demanding independence from Whom and for whom? He was used for kidnapping Rubya Sayeed.

Who is he to speak about the people of Jammu and Kashmir? Does he represent Kashmiries, Shias, Gujjars, Balties, Budhists, Sikhs, Dogras, or Muslims even? The Govt. of India can no longer fool the people of Jammu and Kashmir by projecting the killers and the terrorists as their representatives. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has to understand the spirit of the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Malik talks to the intellectuals of the USA, perverted brains whose only destination is to land on the Gilgit -Ladakh terrains of the Himalays to watch China. They need butterflies to be used to flutter over the heads of India and Pakistan.

Which JKLF Malik represents? Ammanulla's, Maqbool's? Maqbool's JKLF is headed by his son, Shaukat from Muzafrabad and other (rival) by Ammanullah Khan from Islamabad. Which intera Kashmiri dialogue he is asking for? Kashmiris form only 21% of the total population of the state. Ladakhies, Dogras, Gilgities, Mirpuris, Poonchies whether here or there have their own identity that cannot be bartered to any one whether he is ISI agent or RAW's faithful one. The dialogue has to be among the genuine representatives of the people of all the regions, Jammu, POK, Ladakh, Gilgit, Kashmir. It cannot be in intra-Kashmiri dialogue alone. Kashmiris have to learn and live as friends and not masters.

Guns from outside, money from outside, mercenaries from outside, propaganda from outside and the struggle is indigenous. The Kashmiries for centuries have suffered though , yet never took guns in their hands. There cannot be a greater leader of `Kashmiris' than Shiekh Abdullah who represented Kashmiris.

Mr. Sayed Ali Shah Geelani, Mr. Abdul Gani Lone and some others were detained in the same prison cell in Kashmir Central Jail. It was Idd day. Three chicken were received by Mr. Lone but none was prepared to `hilal' them. Lone asked Geelani who threw the offer to someone else. The sun was setting and the arguments went on. Ultimately the jailer brought an under-trial to `Hilal' three `Murghas'. This was and still is Kashmiryat. Malik talks about religious tolerance in Kashmir. What has he done for the return of nearly half a million Kashmiri Pandits who were forced out of their home by the JKLF he was leader. What has he done for the poor Kashmiri Muslims rotting in some stinking corners of Jammu and Delhi for fear of their lives. His contribution? How is so thick with the RSS and the agents of the BJP rulers? Hashim Qureshi is in interrogation centre in Srinagar and Malik is the official representative of both India and Pakistan in USA. The Double standard of the Indian Govt. is exposed. They can send Malik to USA even if he uses all names may be with understanding, but passports cannot be issued to other Huriyat Leaders. This is All-American game-plan to use their plans to ensure dissecting the Valley of Kashmir from the rest of then State for their long time strategy to land in Gilgit region. They (USA) need guinea pigs. The people of J&K reject such agents without any reservation. Let others understand? Who has been paying for air travels, Hotels, fun and fair? What is their source of income?
This article, I read in www.kashmir.co.uk site. The author is Advocate National General Secretary Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party.