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The whole world is looking with horror at the mass murder of innocents in the Doda district of Kashmir. Not once. But two times within two weeks. To the insensitive General Musharraf and his blighted army regime, it is part of the freedom fight which has been going on in Kashmir. Where are the so-called Kashmir freedom fighters coming from? They all come from either Afghanistan or from that part of Kashmir which was aggrandised by Pakistan or from some mercenary forces recruited from the religious fanatics floating all over the Islamic world, with the huge funds at their disposal. To the utter shame of the Islamabad government and to the total disbelief of the rest of the world, a Pakistan foreign office spokesman had the cheek to say in a statement that Indian defence forces are behind the massacre to discredit Pakistan and the Kashmiris' freedom fight. The Pakistan propaganda machine is so self-centred that it does not realise that Islamabad's interpretation lacks total credibility.

One of those who escaped the terror says that the militants asked the name of every one whom they massacred on Saturday night. The militants had obviously prior information that several poor Hindu families had pitched temporary sheds in the area with their cattle. The murder of these innocent villagers by ISI-trained militants is General Musharraf's freedom fight. Some of the Hurriyat leaders have repeated the canard that they cannot condemn these murders because the terrorists enjoy the sympathy of the people. Which people? The people of Pakistan?

Our misfortune in Kashmir is that the chief minister of the state is making merry in New Delhi and other places when the state is burning. He has become so insensitive that he does not plan to visit the relatives of the murdered people, the least that any chief minister would do. Not Abdullah. He seems to have given up. New Delhi has to deal with this absentee chief minister first.

The union home minister says that an appropriate response will be made to stop the terrorist violence. He has been saying this for months. But the army has a slightly difficult view. It is impossible to protect citizens, as things are. The vast barren terrain, 8000/9000 feet above sea level, inhospitable weather and one, just one, security personnel in a kilometre, it is impossible to protect citizens from terrorists unless the whole strategy of dealing with these cold-blooded murderers is changed.

Now, one has a fairly clear idea of the reasons that led to the failure of Agra summit. General Musharraf is determined to bleed India at a thousand places, beginning with Kashmir. Trans-border terrorism is part of his considered plan which he calls freedom fight (by the way he had gone out of his way to explain that there is no border but only LoC). Deployment of one thousand more security personnel would be a drop in the ocean. A new strategy has to be formed. A new policy has to be evolved. This murder of innocents with the full knowledge and support of the army rulers of Islamabad calls for the most stringent action. The joke of the year is chief minister Farooq Abdullah saying that he will order a magisterial enquiry. Let him go to the area of the massacre before he cuts a ridiculous figure.
This article was published in Samachar.com with the title "Musharraf's freedom fight". During the days of these massacres, all the leading Pakistani newspapers shamelessly reported that Indian Soilders killed Hindus. Brutal killings are signature of those terrorists .. not that of soilders.