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How much money will I need to go to Canada?

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General Information   Top

Processing fees are only for handling your application, you will not get your money back, even if your application is refused. This amount should be paid at the time an application is submitted. For any other information regarding your application or status or Fee call :

Vancouver: 1-604-666-2171
Toronto: 1-416-973-4444
Montreal: 1-514-496-1010
Rest of Canada: 1-888-242-2100

How much money will I need to go to Canada?   Top

The Canadian government does not provide financial assistance to independent immigrants, who are expected to be self-supporting. You may not find a job quickly and will need to take enough funds to settle in Canada and support yourself and your family. You will be asked to show that you have transferable funds of at least $10,000 (Canadian) for yourself plus $2,000 for each dependent.

How to Pay   Top

Fee for applications processed at Canadian visa offices abroad may be paid in cash (U.S., Canadian or local currency), money order, traveller's cheque, or certified cheque.

Fee for applications which are mailed to a Case Processing Centre in Canada, (Mississauga, Vegreville, Sydney) must be paid at a financial institution in Canada.

For local Canada Immigration Centres or Ports of Entry in Canada fee may be paid in cash (Canadian dollars at local offices; U.S. or Canadian dollars at Ports of Entry), with Visa or MasterCard, by money order, traveller's cheque or certified cheque.

Fee for Permanent Residence   Top

Table below gives you the details of fee for different categories of Immigration. In addition to this processing fee, every adult immigrant 19 years of age and over, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin or immigrant class, who apply to become permanent residents of Canada has to pay the Right of Landing fee $975.

Applicant Category Fee*
Principal applicant (or a dependant) 19 years of age and over $500
Spouse or fiancÚ (any age) $100
Principal applicant (or dependant) less than 19 years of age and not a spouse or fiancÚ $100
Business applicant $1,000
Family Business $400
* Fee in Canadian Dollers

Fee for Temporary Residence   Top

The table below shows fee for different categories of Temporary Entry into Canada.

Applicant Category Fee*
Visitor Status Extension $75
Visitor Visa -- Single Entry $75
Visitor Visa -- Multiple Entry $150
Visitor Visa -- Family Rate $400
Employment Authorization $150
Employment Authorization -- Group of Performing Artists $450
Student Authorization $125