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Canada is a new country built by immigrants. Canada still accepts the most new immigrants per capita in the world. Canadian passport allows the bearer visa free travel to most countries. It also allows taking advantage of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) for living and working in the USA. Canada also offers unmatched quality of life. The United Nations recently ranked Canada as the number one country in the world in which to live and work.

Canadian government estimates that more than one million immigrants will enter Canada within the next five years. There are several paths leading to permanent residence in Canada. The immigrants are assessed according to the following categories:

  • FAMILY (if you already have relatives residing in Canada);
  • INDEPENDENT (if you have the required qualification, education, age, can speak English/French, you will be evaluated according to "points system");
  • SELF-EMPLOYED (you will be required to "make a significant contribution to the economy or the cultural or artistic life of Canada").
In addition to the categories mentioned, there are two categories within Business Immigration Program. The main aim of the Program is to encourage and facilitate the immigration of experienced business people to contribute into Canadian economy: The categories are as follows:
  • ENTREPRENEUR (at least one job has to be created for a Canadian citizen);
  • INVESTOR (a special package for high net-worth business people. A substantial investment in a federally/provincially approved fund or business is required).

Now comes the decision about whether to apply directly or through some Immigration Consultant. For this we have to consider these facts. On the pro side of a Consultant,

  • A well-known fact is that the immigration application must be fully and correctly documented. If it is not the application is turned down.
  • Even a Worthy applicant can be deterred, disadvantaged or denied approval simply by the lack of knowledge of the finer points of Canadian immigration law, policy and practice.
  • Significant amount of applications can initially fail because of insufficient or flawed documentation or presentation.
  • A consultant takes care of all these points and will follow up your case with the Consulate. They can guide you about how to improve your points etc.,
On the contrary,
  • An Immigration consultant means a lot of money to spend.
  • Actually it is 1475 Canadian dollers the fees. There are lot of sites helping you evaluate your points and there is a 24 hrs. help line at the Immigration office to give you the status of your application.
So, if you are educated enough to read and understand the points specified in the Application form, download the application form, fill it and send it to the Canadian Consulate nearest to you.

How much money will I need to go to Canada? The Canadian government does not provide financial assistance to independent immigrants, who are expected to be self-supporting. You may not find a job quickly and will need to take enough funds to settle in Canada and support yourself and your family. You will be asked to show that you have transferable funds of at least $10,000 (Canadian) for yourself plus $2,000 for each dependent.