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If Women Were Like Software, Then Those Women With ...
  • A very good front-end fall into - 'Power Builder'.

  • A very good back-end - 'Sybase'.

  • Both front-end and back-end are reasonably good - 'Oracle'.

  • Uttermost feminine qualities - 'C++'.

  • Beautiful features and with the passage of time still attractive -'UNIX'.

  • Though very attractive once, now not so charming - 'Ingress'.

  • Beautiful receptionist - 'Desktop'.

  • Beautiful personal secretary - 'Laptop'.

  • Go with everyone who desires - 'Client-server'.

  • Stick to one and only one person at a time - 'DOS'.

  • Functionally Attractive and explosive features - 'SAP'

  • Can handle large stuff, but still stable - 'IDMS'

  • Looks good, but problematic when you handle - 'DB2'

  • Flat Back-end and Front-end, but still woman - 'IMS' and, can't escape because I am using it now...

  • Women, I mean, Windows 95/NT/whatever..., can't leave them, can't live without them, and can't kill them.
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