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ACCESS A Complete combination entire software
amazon Amazing its still on
AOL Always Online
API Always Problem with the Internet
Application Always possible it will not be the same
ASP Another Stupid Program
AT&T Always take pleasure in layoffs
ATTACH After all your trouble here
b2b Go back to your business
b2c Born to be confused
BASIC Best After Software was introduced
BIOS By the way I cannot stand this
BOOT Begin your day one switching on to this trouble
C Complicated
CC Cannot Complete
CD Complete damage
Cell phone Call everybody you know for free
CEO Cannot Enter Office
CGI Computer got interrupted
CIO Completely insanse officer
CISCO Complete Industry is so complex
Cobol Could not be the one language
COMPAQ Computer industry is always in question
Consultant Confused with no Solution
CORBA Computer only Running But Application not working
db2 Database broke twice
DBA Dont Disturb busy Always
Dbase Did the best to sell the software
DCOM Discontinued Computer off the market
DELL Day in hell
Developer Did not know what to with the product
DISCOVER Did any one in oracle sleep when this product was released
DOMAIN Do make all of us insane
DOS Damaged Operating System
dotcom Do see ur stock drop in the stock market
DOWNLOAD Do not actually load anything
Ebay Everybody Auction your waste here
Email Entirely meant for junk mail
ERWIN Emergency Room for Windows
FORTRAN Forgotten that this translation language ever existed
Foxpro Fox never wrote this program
ftp Fast track process
GB Going backwards
GE Got Exact Change
GUI Get use to this image
HOTMAIL How most your mails are lost
HP Half their Products never work
HTML How to make it last longer
HTTP High tech temporary program that rocked the world
IBM I have no belief in the market
IM Instant Madness
Informix I never got into this mix
INTEL Into trouble for ever and always
INTERNET I never taught this would start another traffic mess
IP Incrediable prices
ISDN I sat the whole day for the network connection
IT In Trouble
JAVA Just Another waste Application
JSP Just a Software Program
LAN Lost another network
LAPTOP Light and pretty but teribble slow
Logon Let me remember the password before I go on
Lotus Lot of us dont know what this is
Lucent Luckly you cannot enter into their network
Lunix Lost Unix
MB Mostly bright
MCI Most Companys are insane
MCSE Most Complicated Software Ever known
Modem Make one different connection may connect
MOTOROLA Most of us taught this cell phone company will last always
MOUSE Mostly used for strange reason
MS(Microsoft) Mostly of their software Sucks
MSOFFICE Most stupid of all the software ever
NAPSTER Network was always jammed when you wanted to download a song
Network Network mostly doesnt work
NEXTEL Next generation will never tell
NOVELL Nowhere to go but sell
NT Nowhere to return
ODBC Only Database that was broke completely
OOP Only one problem
ORACLE Of course Real Application Crash everday
OS One Stop
Outlook Only you take look at your mails
PALM Practical Alternative to your daily Mess
PC Pack ur computer
PERL Program regularly lost
PL (Proj Lead) Project Lost
PM (Project Mgr) Poor Management
Programmer Proven Wrong Always
QA Quick Answer
RAM Rush for all the magic
ROM Russians taught only made this
SAP Set of Assorted Problems
SE (Software Eng) Such an Expert doesnt know anything
Silicon Valley So now we know why in this valley there is no power
SUN So you know nothing
SW Stock Watch
SYBASE So you basically are stuck with this database
SysAdmin System Cannot be administrated by anyone
TCP IP Take complete part in the information path
Tester Take it easy software never works to test it
TL (Task Lead) Tired Leader
UML U must Laugh
Unify Unforunately this was forgotten for ever
Unisys U can sit before the system
Unix U need another course to learn it
VB Virtually Broke
VBA Very Broke Application
VC Very Confused
VI Very Impossible
VIRUS Very intresting since it will destory everything important to us
W W W Word Wide Waste
WEB Will it ever break
WEBCAM Well eventually better to have cameras every where
Windows Will never do what you say
WORLDCOM World is so Complicated
XML eXtra Mad Language
YAHOO You have to account here always
4GL Forever Get Lost
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