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Signs that your company may go through a layoff...
  1. Your boss asks you to proofread his resume. (new)
  2. You find a flyer about unemployment insurance in your mailbox. (new)
  3. Your boss won't meet your eyes. (new)
  4. Vendors call you and tell you to look for your company on the internet.
  5. Co-workers start to call you "short-timer".
  6. Co-workers won't give you the latest access code changes for accessing the laboratory work area.
  7. Security advises you that it has been detailed to check your locker and cubicle for handguns and other lethal weapons.
  8. The personnel director constantly reminds you he is a family man with 3 kids who is forced by the company to notify employees of layoffs.
  9. Your best friends on the staff give you birthday gifts months before your birthday.
  10. You are given the wrong time for the company picnic and then also discover you were given the wrong location.
  11. The boss forgets to tell you the weekend project you are about to begin at 5 A.M. on Saturday morning has been canceled.
  12. The weekly employee meeting is "rescheduled" for no apparent reason, but no new time is announced.
  13. Your quaterly review is suddenly "moved up".
  14. "Suits" and HR walk through your casual/casual IT office.
  15. News stops about new projects in the works.
  16. The normally arrogant and moody VP in my area suddenly got euphorically happy the day before she laid off several people.
  17. Your name has been removed from the inter office e-mail lists.
  18. Recruiters are calling you for jobs with recommendations from your boss.
  19. Upon returning from a fantastic vacation, your boss tells you, "use your sick days instead of your vacation days."
  20. Contractors tell you a week in advance they've met your replacement.
  21. Your Boss informs you that you are being laid off for not working weekends. You remind him that the two you have been playing golf together every weekend for the past year.
  22. ALL the conference rooms are booked for the day by Human Resources.
  23. Security cameras are installed over the weekend when the office is closed for "cleaning."
  24. The Director of Human Resources becomes unusually friendly.
  25. With no prior warning, you're suddenly asked to give a detailed explanation to a coworker of your specific job duties and the location of all available documentation.
  26. Security guards are patrolling the floors.
  27. Lots of closed doors, unavailable upper management and whispering...
  28. You stop getting invited to meetings by your boss even though you are the team leader.
  29. You are asked for a list of remaining critical tasks on your project as well as a list of where all important documents are located.
  30. A shipment of packing boxes arrives a few days prior to the sale date.
  31. Management institutes a "clean up day" the month before the sale date.
  32. Auditors show up more than once.
  33. You are asked to take an inventory of all hardware and software.
  34. Your boss takes an unexpected vacation.
  35. Your boss asks for a list of key people in the organization.
  36. Your boss cleans out his desk and deletes files from the Lan.
  37. You receive a COBRA notice 1 month before the sale date.
  38. The office plants start dying.
  39. The office stops ordering Starbucks and Pop-Tarts
So Be ready for your TURN..........
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Sent by a friend Deekshit Chavali. Source : Unknown