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These are some famous characters and places from Ramayana and Mahabharata who can perform the following task efficiently in today's world.
Brahma Systems Installation
Vishnu Systems Support
Shiva DBA (crash specialist)
Lakshmi Finance and Accounts consultant
Ganesh Documentation specialist
Narada Data Transfer
Brihaspathi Chief Information Officer
Yama Reorganization Consultant
ChitraGupta Personnel Records
Apsaras Down loadable Viruses
Devas Y2k Programmers
Surya Solaris administrator
Rakshasas In house Hackers
Ram Hardware Support - single user specialist
Lakshman Support software and Backup
Ravan Internet Explorer - WWW
Hanuman RS6000
Vali Windows 98
Sugreeva Win 95
Angadh Win 3.1
Jambhuvan DOS
Vishwamitra Sr.Manager Projects
Hastinapur Silicon Valley
Arjun Lead Programmer (all Companies are trying for him)
Abhimanyu Trainee Programmer
Draupadi Web server - free access (login required)
Duryodhan Microsoft product written in VB
Shakuni Bill Gates
Karna Contract Programmer
Shikandi Steve Jobbs
100 Kauravas Microsoft Service Packs and patches
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