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Men are biologically incapable of letting a women light a barbecue.

Men drive to a party, women drive back.

Heterosexual women are not frightened by lesbians, whereas heterosexual men are terrified of homosexuals -- once they are pointed out to them, by women.

Men have flu, women have colds.

Women do not replace tops on jars and tubes. Men put them on so tightly that they cannot be removed at all.

Single-tasking men do one thing well at a time: (e.g. drink a cup of coffee.) In the same time a multitasking women can make breakfast, make the children's sandwiches, organize the window cleaner, phone the office, dress the children, write shopping list, iron a shirt and de-flea the cat. Women have not yet realized this is an evolutionary disadvantage.

Men warm their posteriors at the fire, women do not. Women's posteriors enable them to sit comfortably on the floor, men's do not.

A man who regularly visits his mother is a mommy's boy. A woman who does the same is a good daughter.

A man who has no difficulty in undressing an adult woman will nevertheless prove incapable of fitting a small child into a nightgown.

A woman believes that visitors will be impressed by a clean house.

A man believes that the visitors will be impressed with his large stereo system.

Exactly the same haircut will cost $30 more for a woman than it will for a man.
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