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In a New York park, a young boy was attacked by a savage dog. A passer by happened to see that and came to the rescue. Having tackled the dog, he strangled it to death.

A reporter for the New York Times was watching all this and took snap shots for a front page picture in the next days paper.

Approaching our hero he says: "Your heroic feat shall be published in tomorrow's paper under the headline - Brave New Yorker rescues boy".

"I'm not from New York" replied our brave hero.

"Oh in that case we'll change the headline - Brave American rescues boy from savage dog".

"I'm not American either" replied our brave hero.

On being asked about who he really is? our hero replied "I'm a Pakistani".

Well the next day the headline on the front page of The New York Times said: "Muslim Fundamentalist strangles dog to death in New York park. FBI investigating possible link to al-Qaeda."
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