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A stretch limo pulled up to the pope's house and the pope came out and talked to the driver. He hadn't driven in a while so he asked the driver if he could drive this time. The drive agreed, of course.

The pope, having minimal experience, was speeding, and a cop saw him and pulled over the limo. When pope rolled down the window, the cop went back to his car and talked to the dispatcher.

He said "I just pulled over somebody very important and I wonder if I should ticket him."

The dispatcher replied, "Is it a mayor?"

"More important than that," said the cop.

"Well, is it a senator?"


"A governor?"


"the president?"

"No, more important than all those people," the cop said.

"Who is it, then?" said the dispatcher.

He replied, "I don't know but he must be important 'cause the pope's chauffering him"
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