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Once four people died and went to God. God told them that since they had committed more sin than nobel deals, they will be facilitated in hell. But first they all had to answer a common question and depending upon the response they’ll be accomodated in hell accordingly. He asked, "How many times and with how many womens you have had sex?"

The first person said that throughout my life I have had sex with my wife only. God give him a Mercedes for travelling in the hell.

The second person says that he needed a new women every year. So, God give him a Fiat car.

The third person said that he changed women every month. So, God gave him a scooter .

The forth person answered that he changed women almost every day. So, God gave him a bicycle. After few days when the second, third and fourth person were on a ride on their own vehicle, they found the first person in great sorrow.

They stopped to ask him that even after getting a Mercedes for a ride what makes him cry. And he said, "Today I saw my wife on a bicycle."
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