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1. While washing clothes I often forget the places from where I have to remove stains
All you've got to do is just circle the stains with a permanent marker and then you?ll definitely remember where the stains are

2. I'm in a co-ed college and have a steady boyfriend who is studying abroad. I meet a lot of guys and I am attracted to one of them. I am also very serious about my boyfriend. What should I do?
Absence has made your heart wander, not fonder. Clearly yours is a case of OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. Now that you have gone out of your mind oops! I mean your boyfriend has gone out of your mind, you should save him for a rainy day and meanwhile go ahead with your current attraction, after all a bird in hand is better than one abroad.

3. I'm in class 7, aged 12 and I am in love with my English teacher? She does not seem to respond to my feelings? What should I do?
Son what I think you should do is give her some time, meanwhile study and get promoted to the next class before you propose to her or you stand the chance of spending the rest of your life in class 7. On second thoughts that?s not such bad idea is it? You get to stay with her for the rest of your life.

4. I am a 14 year old boy in class 9 in love with a 12 year old girl in class 7. We are madly in love with each other and we plan to get married soon. How should we go about it. Please advise?
WOW! thats starting out young. I hope you dont plan to have kids or something next. take my advice. i'll ...a ... not go into the details but you should wait. And hey! about your marriage, go ahead with it, but keep it under wraps (something like a secret), its still illegal in our country. Stupid law makers.

5. I fell in love with my neighbour the very first time I saw her. But she does not believe in love at first sight. What should I do?
Try walking through the door again. (love at second sight you dumb-ass.)

6. Every time I have coffee, I get an acute pain in my right eye. What should I do?
Remember to remove the spoon from the cup.

7. I've been seeing this girl who I really like, and I know likes me, and some mysterious stranger has been sending her flowers and tickets to some good shows that she's been taking me to see.She doesn't know who this guy is, but when she finds out, would it be proper for me to send him a note thanking him for the tickets? It was a really good show, and he must have spent a lot.
I think you should to wait until you receive his thank-you card for the use of your living room for the many parties that he's had there. It will be polite to answer.
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