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Sequence 1

Rajni gets to know that the villian is on the the other side of a very high wall. So high that Rajni can't jump even if he tries like one of those superman techniques that heros normally use. Rajni has to desparalety kill the villian becoz its the climax...Rajni suddenly pulls two guns from his pocket ( Prob a backup). He flies one gun in the air and when the gun has reached wall high, he shoots the trigger of the first gun in air, with his second gun. Now first gun shoots the villian and he is dead!!!!!!!!!!!



Rajni is sitting on one side of a swimming pool talking to the villain (who is bathing in the pool). On the other side of the pool, six goondas of the villain are standing. When the argument gets heated, the villain winks at his men & each one throws a knife at Rajini. Our hero effortlessly catches all the knife in a single hand (without putting them down or switching hands after catching!!!!). He then spreads them out like a deck of playing cards in his hand(or how some people spread money) so that all six knifes are visible (&in order).He then throws the knifes & kills all six goondas in one go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isey Kehte hai 1 teer se 6 Shikaar.



Rajni, the police officer, is sitting on his motorcycle under coconut tree... when he sees a couple of villans escaping in a car.... he holds the clutch, puts his bike in gear.......takes his gun...fires upwards....the coconut falls on the starter..... rajni realeses clutch.............and away he goes.....chasing the villans....

This is called COCONUT Triggering!



A lot of goondas(approx six) accost him.... but wao!! suddenly Rajni puts his hands in his pocket,

is it a gun....??

No it is a knife..... and u know he is not going to use it to attack them .... all he does is raises the knife in his right hand and just leaves it there....in the air..!!! and u know the knife starts rotating there in the air yaar.... it needs no energy source whatsoever and the gravitational pull of big big mother earth has failed..!! it rotates like the Sudharshan Chakra......Rajni has become Lord Vishnu...!! How can the Goondas fight the all powerful Lord... all this was just too much for the Goondas, they faint and fall to the ground and Rajni... walks of smiling and shaking his head in his ultimate style......... people who wanna drive save themselves from Goondas can learn this stunt from Rajni.... his e-mail id is : RajniLord_Vishnu@stunt15.com

I Hav no Words left with me to comment on this.



Rajnikant sahab ke upar koi bullet fire karta hai....ab Rajnikant sahab kya karenge....very simple....woh apne pocket se ek blade nikalte hain aur goli ke saamne kar dete hain....goli head on blade pe lagti hai aur do parts mein cut ke different directions mein divert ho jaati hai

aur Rajnikant sahab buch jaate hain....

now thats what I call a close SHAVE

/<--Half of the cut bullet goes in this direction

Path of bullet---------------------X O<---Rajnikant stands here...unscathed

\ X is the Point of collision with the blade

\<--The other half of the bullet goes in this direction

to this more spice is added creativily that at the back of rajini two kundoons were standing. the two parts of the bullets hit each rowdy killing them. just by having one blonde blade winning three villans.

how is it???????????......!!!!!!!!


I must appreciate the stunt director for his knowledge of physics and metalurgy. Lets analyse this situation. The bullet is often made from lead, which has a low melting point and is almost fluid when fired.(Now, dont ask me how those doctors pull out perfectly shaped bullets from the hero's body in movies!! God knows) A razor blade is made of stainless steel and we all know that a blade's edge is actually V shaped (with a very small angle approx 0 degrees) So, the fluid bullet is sliced into 2 parts and due to its velocity, the 2 pieces are deflected at an angle leaving the hero unharmed.

Rajni must have used a rather blunt blade coz the angle of deflection was almost 45 degrees!!
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Sent by Mr.Kumar Maruti