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What life has become all about
ur windows open on the face of gates
When it should be our life-mates

We play around with mouse
When it should be our spouse
Always our hands are on the keys
When it should be on our would-bees

How long can u go on coding
When you should be at ooty boating
Hey you robots running after career
Listen to this carefully dear

Behind every man, there is a woman
And that you cannot find her in a lan and wan
life is not just c-plus plus
It is also pyar-plus plus
Life is not just debugging
It is also hugging

C'mon end this life of robotism
And fill it with romanticism
C'mon all the software romeos lets take us a vow
All boring routines;sub-routines;procedures will we throw
And seeds of love and care shall we sow
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Sent by Mr.Naga Srinivas Venna