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This poem was written by an employee working in WIPRO for a poem contest. No wonder he got the First Prize!!!!
Bcos of this economic slowdown
We Engineers's have to keep our heads down..
Where ever we go, our face wears a frown..
Not knowing when we'll be thrown down !!!!!!!!

Mails from girlfriends have slowed down
We've lost from our heads, the valuable IT crown
Dreams once soared to the height of the moon
Now searching for a job in the hot noon !!!!!!!

New house, new cars, all dreams are shattered
"I knew this wud happen" a father-in-law muttered
Our frequent flier miles are badly hit
Foreign visit boasts have gone down a bit !!!!!

Engineer's were once the preferred bridegroom
Now there's no scope for even being a groom
Never forget the days when we used to fly so high
Coz the only thing now left in life is to sigh !!!!!!!!

Don't worry for whatever happened to IT
Now you got a better option not to declare IT*
Drop all the courses from NIIT,
Terrorism, Attacks served as hot tea,
You've a better option now in LTTE.
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Sent by Mr.Kumar Maruti