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1. What did the lonely banana say?
I''m a"kela".

2. What did the green peas say?
Nothing. They just "mutter"ed.

3. What did the potato say when it answered the phone ?

4. Where do cabbages hang out?
In the Gobi desert.

5. What are call-boxes for ghosts called?

6. What kind of sweaters do grapes wear?

7. What is a vegetables favourite love song?
Love me tinda.

8. What did the flower say to its girl-friend?
Why do phools fall in love?

9. What did the fat car say?
I''m a mota car.

10. What did the confused egg say?
I don''t unda-stand.

11. Where do earrings go on holiday?

12. What do shrimps sing on Christmas?
Jhinga Bells.

13. What did the half eaten naan say?
I wish I was puri.

14. What did the lonely potato sing?
" Aaloo lonesome tonight? "

15. What language do carrots speak?
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Publised in Source : Gayatri