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Once upon a time (very recently), there was a boat race organized. The Indian team was pitted against the Japanese team. The number of team members allowed per side was 7.

The Japanese team had 1 navigator, 1 cheerleader (to encourage the team), and 5 rowers. The Indian team consisted of 1 CEO, 1 COO, 1 navigator, 1 cheerleader, and 3 rowers. As soon as the race started, the Japanese team grabbed the initial lead, and finally won the race by a margin of 30 minutes.

The Indians were enraged by the defeat, nevertheless in the true Indian spirit they decided that they must do something - to avenge this by providing a befitting reply in the next years' race.

At once a top Consultant was hired from a leading Consultancy firm, a hefty sum was paid as consultancy fees to the consultant. The Consultant went about his job in a seemingly professional manner. A month passed, and the consultant submitted his report.

The Indian team, then went thru the report, and passed an order to implement the suggestions given in the report. The next year, the teams again lined up for the race.

The Japanese team had 1 navigator-cum-cheer leader and 6 rowers. The new restructured Indian team had: 1 CEO, 1 COO, 1 Left and Right direction Navigation strategist (to head the teams' left and Right direction navigation), 1 Forward direction Navigation strategist (to head the teams' Forward direction navigation), 1 Cheer strategist, 1 Cheer leader to report to the bespoke 1 Rower (he was provided only 1 oar to row, due to the cost cutting program in effect).

Very soon the race started and this time, the Japanese won by a bigger margin of 3 hours.

The Indian team quickly conducted a review; and concluded that it was because of the 'Rower' that the team had lost the race. He was immediately fired. They announced his exit would also save costs for the company. To encourage the team to perform well in the future races, the remaining team was paid bonuses and given huge stock options.
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Sent by Mr.Kumar Maruti