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  • "Hey, u guys, please keep quiet. The president is rotating outside"

  • "Do not smoke and spoil the botany of your body"

  • " Why are you naat filupping the blanks? "

  • Advice to father thinking about whether he should let his daughter continue her studies or get her married :

    "Vell, if you wantu study her, then study her. If you wantu marry her, then marry her."

  • Did you cut the tickets for the film, yet?

  • Pliss, close the fan!

  • Once heard in kitchen:
    "No, No I don't need chair; I can stand eating"

  • It's so hot! Please on the fan no.

  • A gardener scolding three kids:
    " Both of u three, don't under-stand the tree "!!

  • "Open the doors of the window, and let the atmosphere come in "

  • "Both of you kneel down together separately"

  • "There is no wind in the ball (deflated football)"

  • "Look at the line on your back" (falling in line)

  • "Why aren't you kneel downing?"

  • Cuckoo, Blaady (Kick you, bloody...)

  • Who took out the breeze of my cykill (cycle).

  • Meet me behind the class (meant after the class).

  • My cykill is under-standing the tree.
Prof to students hanging around the corridors during exams:
  • "Do not revolve in the corridors in front of the examinations "

  • "Don't talk like that in front of my back "

  • " Dont stand in front of my back"

  • "Repeat again please!"

  • "Mistake became wrong!"
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