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First of all.. I cannot do this site without the help of my friend Vinitha. She understands my passion with my computer. She brings me food to my desk when I forget about the world around me.. working on my site.

Next important person I should thank is my colleague Dana Baitz. She gave me quick lessons in creating graphics. Her creativity inspired me to create these new graphics for my site.

My ex-colleague Arun Persaud created the Flash movie for the site. I just told him the meaning of my name and he created this movie with rising sun and my name coming out of it.

I fondly remember the help of Syam(Content, Design), Akash(Content), Deekshit(FYI), Sree(Humour), Srinivas(Content), Venu(Design), Aditya(Design).

Also there are many.. who gave me many valuable suggestions in improving this site everyday. My sincere thanks to one and all.


This site is only for information. Compiled from what I read in books / different sites / my knowledge. This is not a legal advice site. Before you actually start acting upon any information provided in this site, I strongly recommend you to visit other official sites for this purpose and check any new changes in the Law.

Opinions expressed in this site are mostly either mine or that of the authors. Few articles I published in this site are either forwarded to me or I read them somewhere. Those are the ideas of that authors only. I tried to acknowledge those writers if I know the details of the author.

Don't over strain yourself thinking whom I kept in mind while writing the stories and articles, because, I am not pointing at anyone in particular - living or dead in my writings. They are just my thoughts and observations. So, relax, sit back and enjoy my works.

If any of you have any problems with the Copyright stuff, do inform me, I will remove(unhappily) that information from this site within 24 hrs.