Top 10 Reasons to Tell Pakistan is No Longer Moderate Back   Home 

10.Pakistan have a stadium called Qaddafi Stadium

9.  Pakistan have a cricketer called Yassir Arafat

8.  Pakistan have a President called Rafiq Tarrar

7.  Pakistan's local khoka collects funds for six different
    mujahideen groups

6.  It is easier to buy a Klashnikov in Pakistan than a condom

5.  Lahore traffic ideal for training suicide bombers

4.  Pakistanis look forward to vacations in Kabul

3.  More Pakistan kids enrolled in "training" camp than summer camp

2.  Tribal areas...say no more

1.  Even the Pakistani women have beards

Compiled by Ayeda, this list was published in The Friday Times, a leading Pakistani News paper.