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Q. Were these hijackers Muslims? If yes, what kind of Muslims?

A. Not very good and true Muslims, I guess. There is a good reason why I believe that (if and only if they were Muslims) they were not good and true Muslims. So you ask, who is behind all this?

Let me give you the following reasons and hint as to who is behind this tragedy.

1.Who controls the media in America? And isn’t this true that most of the ordinary and average people like us believe whatever we see, hear, and read through media.

2.Why didn’t the hijackers (if Muslims as projected) care about over 3000 good Muslims who worked in the twin towers daily? If their motive was to bring these buildings down, they could have done that over the weekend or at nighttime when very few people are in the buildings. Why do this attack in the morning hours? When everyone is watching, in real Time on TVs all around America.

3. Who was that gentleman on the street at about 9:08 am with a cam-coder in his hands making the video, which captured and recorded the incident of the first plane hitting the tower?

How come he was there at the right place, at the right time?

Media involvement !! Planned act of terror, and again who controls the media?

Chain of events happened in U.S. gradually, and step by step.

Moments after the collapse of the WTC, media showed Palestinian kids and one lady in hijab (symbol of Muslim women) clapping, singing, and celebrating. Different TV channels reported to the American viewers that Palestinians are happy and celebrating American loss while the entire America is mourning this tragedy.

My question? In Palestine, did anyone notice the time zone; it was morning here and same daylight time in Palestine (very interesting)

4. The FBI reported that one of the suspects Mohamed Atta and others were on the list for most wanted in car and bus bombings in Israel. At one time the Israeli army captured this person and few years later he was released by them.

What happened when he was in Israeli jail?

Brainwashed, funded and harboured, forced, set up, paid off in mighty $.

My question? How in the world did Atta and his associates enter the U.S. borders, live on the U.S. soil, receive training to fly planes openly when he was on the FBI wanted list, without the protection umbrella. And a free ticket by someone very powerful in the U.S. to roam around without the fear of getting caught.

5. FBI received a tip from a passenger who boarded a different plane and reached his destination safely that he had a confrontation with two Middle Eastern gentlemen at the Logan airport in Boston. He gave FBI the exact location of their stranded car parked in the lot, where FBI found the (Manual on How to Fly a Plane) in Arabic language. Also, they found the information leading to the rental car and credit card information with which the two plane tickets were purchased from Boston to Los Angeles.

My question? People capable of plotting and executing such a sophisticated Plan would leave the Arabic language manual and other information in the Rental car to be found later by the FBI. How dumb is that by the professional terrorists.

6. The FBI reported that they traced the attackers to Florida where the FBI was told by the bar manager that the two suspects came into the bar couple of days ago and drank liquor heavily (Good true Muslim and drinking, well Yes I know some Muslims who do drink alcohol but true Jihadi Muslims? Never.

My question? Drinking and fighting with the bar manager over the bill, a high risk of getting the police involved, jeopardize their well thought out and long awaited plan. I don’t think so.

7. One report said, struggle in the plane, which crashed in Pittsburg, PA. Two Phone calls were made from the plane. One man called his Mother in California for (one full minute) in which he told her that the plane has been hijacked, he loves his mother and family very much, also that hijackers have sharp knives. No description given at all about the ethnic background, race, colour of the hijackers etc.

Flight attendant called her family and told them that hijackers have knives, she has been stabbed, and even told them the seat number of the hijackers but no description on who are they.

My question? Were the hijackers hiding their faces? Why could not both callers see, judge, and identify the hijackers’ identity?

8. Plane tickets were purchased by credit card of Mr. M. Atta, leading FBI teams to the Hotel in Boston where three of the helpers were waiting for the FBI after almost over 29 hours of the initial attack on WTC.

How idiotic is this for people who are assigned and trained to pull of an attack and destroy World Trade Center, the landmarks of success and freedom of America. Some said that while the associates of hijackers were waiting for the FBI to show up and arrest them, they ordered pizza with black olives and took turns taking shorts snaps. Just Joking.

10. 1n 1993, unsuccessful WTC bombing happened, 6 people died, over 1000 injured. Several Arabs were arrested including Mr. Mohamed Ramzi Yusouf in Pakistan. Still in jail in Colorado awaiting his punishment. HBO Movie in 1995 (Road to Paradise) in which the story of the WTC was told and at the end of the movie Mr. Ramzi Yusouf was quoted looking at the Twin Towers, “Next time we will bring them both down”.

My question? Who the hell made that movie and predicted in the movie that this will happen some day in the future and how did they reach this conclusion? Again, who controls and operates the Media and Hollywood in America?
Published in Interesting analysis, I too got many of them. But like the author, I do not jump into conclusions to point someone with hostality.