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The last word on who’s hip and who’s a drip; who needs a career makeover and who’s had the most mismanaged career; who’s the most stable and who’s just not going to be the next Clark Gable...

1 Most In Need of Therapy: Salman Khan
2 Most Flawless: Kajol
3 Most Likely to Have Been the Guy in College Who Knew Where to Buy Pot: Sanjay Dutt
4 Most Likely to Raid Her Daughters’ Closet: Moon Moon Sen
5 Most Internationally Glamorous: Sushmita Sen
6 Most Likely to Be Wearing White Again Come 2003: Simi Garewal
7 Most Fun: Preity Zinta
8 Most Truly Bizarre in Person: Rekha
9 Most Likely to Make It in the Crossover From Actor to Director: Aamir Khan
10 Most Sexy in a Goofy Way: Juhi Chawla
11 Most Likely to Have Gorgeous Kids: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna
12 Most Public Career Suicide: Govinda
13 Most Likely to Have Child Actors: Abhishek Bachchan & Karisma Kapoor
14 Most Credible Actor Who’s Also a Movie Star: Hrithik Roshan
15 Most Lusted After by A-list Actresses: Akshaye Khanna
16 Most Under- appreciated Actor: Rishi Kapoor
17 Most Stable Movie Star: Ajay Devgan
18 Most Likely to Win A Lifetime Achievement Award Before She’s 40: Tabu
19 Most Typecast: Saif Ali Khan
20 Most Forgotten: Urmila Matondkar
21 Most Determined to Change Her Public Image: Manisha Koirala
22 Most Adeptat Always Coming Out on Top: Aishwarya Rai
23 Most Anticipated Pairing: Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan
24 Most True To His Roots: Dharmendra
25 Most Gossip-Columned Friendship: Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt
26 Most Deserving of a Big Comeback: Sridevi
27 Most Full of Charm: Jackie Shroff
28 Most Likely to Have Proven Once and For All That He Cannot Act: Sunil Shetty
29 Most Fun to Read about in the Magazines — Still: Kareena Kapoor
30 Most Clearly on His Way Toward an Award: Vivek Oberoi
31 Most Shockingly Still in Shape for a 50+ Actress: Hema Malini
32 Most Envied by Young Actors: Shah Rukh Khan
33 Most Sweet Despite Being So Sexy: Rahul Khanna
34 Most Mismanaged Career: Shilpa Shetty
35 Most Creepy Factoid: Raveena Tandon went out with Akshay Kumar who married Twinkle Khanna whose mother Dimple Kapadia is seeing Sunny Deol who went out with Raveena Tandon
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