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Toronto!!! This is the place where I live, I love after my native place. Toronto is known as "T.O." by those who live there. The name Toronto was first used centuries ago and meant a place of meeting and healing.

It is Canada's largest city and the fifth largest in North America. The Greater Toronto Area has a population of 5 million people.

Toronto has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. It's been said that someone from every country in the world knows somebody in Toronto. According to Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman, its people are also the friendliest in the world!

  • The Daily Planet, where Superman works, was inspired by The Toronto Star, Toronto's major News Paper.
  • 25% of Canada's population lives within 160Km of Toronto. More than 80% of Canada's top high-tech firms are based in Toronto.
  • Toronto voted best global City for business, (Fortune, 1996).
  • Toronto ranked as the safest large metropolitan area in North America by Places Rated Almanac
  • Toronto is within a day's drive of 125 million Americans (almost 50% of the U.S. population).
  • The Toronto Stock exchange is the third largest by value and second largest by volume in North America.
  • Close to 500,000 students attend one of the three universities or six colleges based in Toronto.
  • The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates along nearly 4,000 km of combined bus, streetcar, subway and light transit routes.
  • Toronto is the #4 of the Best Places To Live in The World (Source: Corporate Resources Group, Geneva Switzerland.)
  • More than 48% of its 2.4 million residents are foreign-born (1996 Census), representing 80 ethnic groups.
  • Although English is the predominant language spoken in Toronto, 42% of the population report a language other than English as their mother tongue.
  • 40 per cent of Canadian companies on Fortune's Global 500 are in Toronto.
  • Toronto has one of the best telecommunications networks in the world, with one of the highest percentage of fibre optic cable installed, and more wireless phones per capita, than anywhere in North America
  • Toronto is known as "Silicon Valley North" with seven of the top 10 information technology companies, including the Canadian headquarters and research centres of Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems.
  • Toronto is Canada's #1 tourist destination, with 21 million visitors in 1999.
  • Toronto is a lost to Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games, competing with Paris, Beijing, China, Osaka and Istanbul
  • Toronto has North America's largest continuous underground pedestrian system, connecting 1100 stores and restaurants, 48 office towers, 6 major hotels and several entertainment centres
  • Toronto is the home to 4 professional sports teams; hockey (, football (, basketball (, baseball (
  • Population of Toronto is 2.5 million people with 632
  • Toronto is the home to 90 per cent of Canada's foreign banks, and its top accounting and mutual fund companies, and 80 per cent of Canada's largest R&D, law, advertising and high-tech firms
  • Toronto's seasonal average temperatures:
         Spring: +7.4C (45.3F)
         Summer: +20.7C (69.3F)
         Autumn: +10.8C (51.4F)
         Winter: -3.3C (26.1F)