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The present belief of the public to support this argument is as follows; however, not a single international news is covering this version of public thinking.

  1. On friday he was at fresh and exciting mood while he visited the sports complex at Satdobato till 5:00 PM. He has encouraged the officials for the good work, and promised to come the next day 2 hour before the official time. No body felt any kind of stress and abnormality at that evening with Deependra.

  2. The firing is done so severely that, the body of queen is divided to 2 piece. Her face and head was completely damaged. So there was mask instead of her face and head. Nirajan is believed to have 30 to 40 bullets while trying to save his father king Birendra. The bullet is shot at central front pallet (nidhar ko tika lagaune thau najikai) to king Birendra, and almost other member's head. This indicate the shooter is professional sharp shooter.

  3. The number of bullet fired is in such a huge quantity, that a single person can not solely fire so many bullet in such a short period where no other guards could protect that incident.

  4. Deependra has several bullets (around 30) on his backside, some penetrating his liver and lung, rather than his head (where Deependra is believed to shot self). People think, Deependra tried to escape from the incident but finally attacked to sever injury.

  5. The body of Shanti Singh was found on garden rather than the dinner room, so there may be chances of killing running after them who tried to escape.

  6. Deependra has left the dinner room around 7:30,when he came back around 9:30, all other were killed already, he tried to escape, but he was shot dead. That is why he has many bullets on his back.

  7. Dhirendra is not holding the royal post. In that evening, even Dhirendra ( who is declared dead yesterday) was attending the dinner, why Gyanendra was absent?

  8. The first person to come out from the palace after the incident was Paras, who also attended the dinner, but has no single hurt, how that happened?

  9. In the beginning, Paras was said staying out of country, but later, not attending the dinner but in Soaltee Casino, some said not in Soaltee, but in Babylone Discotheque, later confirmed to be present in the dinner. Why so many different information circulated?

  10. In that evening, 10 cooks and several other Royal worker were serving the dinner program, where they have gone? No single cook has returned to their home, neither they had made telephone call to there family members.

  11. Several famous doctors, including Dr. Upendra Devkota, were taken to Chauni Barek, but they are not making any communication to family members. Are the doctors also in danger of another round of massacre?

  12. Several Royal army official has not come to home since friday and has not informed to their families. If the families make inquiries, then the reply is that, they are send to foreign countries for treatment. Now the family members are worrying about the massacre of these army officials too, including ADCs of dead Royal members.

  13. One helicopter has fled from Palace on friday night around 10:30 PM straight very highway then went to unknown direction with all light off. The people had seen and heard the sound of that, where that helicopter has gone, and who was inside that?

  14. Several public people has heard about the incident around 10:00, 10:30 PM of friday night, but the prime-minister Girija was informed about this only at 1:30 AM (some 4 - 5 hours later than the accident), why?

  15. No postmortem was conducted on the dead royal bodies, why? The but the prime-minister Girija was informed about this only at 1:30 AM (some 4 - 5 hours later than the accident), why?

  16. The government had taken VICERA for investigation, while Madan Bhandari was dead. Why they did not do this for king and his family?

  17. Why funeral process is conducted immediately, they poured water from tanker to flow cleaner water in Bagmati, and the structures were made temporarily.

  18. Even the dead bodies were not handled with respect. There was nobody to remove flies on the face of king. The dead body were kept on open ground without any arrangement. Whereas, the dead body of Babuchiri Sherpa was well protected and kept open for public respect for 5 days.

  19. Why none of the foreign state heads and their representatives were allowed to take part? Even the notice for the higher governmental officers were issued very stupidly. The notice to attend at 3:00 PM the funeral spot with specified dresses was issued only at 3:10. Is is possible to reach at the spot at 3:00 hearing the notice at 3:10? Has every higher officers prepared the funeral dresses before the notice? otherwise how they could reach to the funeral spot immediately with specified dress?

  20. Why the number of bullets were not allowed to count from the dead = bodies of royal members?

  21. Royal members are engaged with more than one women since long ahead, and that is not assumed as a critical issue. They can keep many wives in the form of Lyaite, byaite etc. So one external women can not be cause to death of dozens of very very important members of family and nation.

  22. None of nepali has heard the fantastic story of love affairs of Deependra, but now the famous news agencies are trying to blame Divyani Rana as the cause of Royal members' massacre. Who has thought about her personal life afterward?

  23. Why Helen Shah are silent on these issue? It is heard that army official denied to conduct investigation, when senior police officer has proposed for that on Saturday, why?

  24. Why all the international news agencies are displaying the photograph of mustachioed Deependra (with his beard), to make an impression of bad person?

  25. On the funeral of Birendra and Aisworya, Paras was not quite. His hands,foot, mouth was moving in some special ways, and many people has tried to describe ideas in his brain at that moment. Can someone behave in such a way, while his almost all family members were murdered? Can a person, who has seen the live death of several family members, with flow of blood from the all parts of body in a single room and their pain, grief movement etc, stand in such a smiley and fresh manner to the public?

  26. Deependra had not taken alcohol on friday evening. He never takes alcohol when he joins the dinner program with his father. He is well-known for his super respect to his father. How such person can kill his parents?

This article was published in http://ndtv.msnbc.com/ site in the Message board about Napal Royal Killings. I thought the points he raised are interesting.. I too feel there is some mischief in the whole issue. Hope truth comes out some day!