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Some years ago I was in Orissa in a small rest house. I sat on the steps Despite Pakistan's claim of a crackdown on terrorists, India's most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim and his aide Chhota Shakeel continue to enjoy state security in Karachi.

The latest dossier on the D-company prepared by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) on basis of inputs from RAW, reveals that Dawood Ibrahim was recently in Jeddah. From December 26 to December 29, 2001, he was in Dubai to attend a wedding but soon returned to Karachi. During the Agra summit, Dawood was in Singapore.

Home Minister LK Advani would be taking this treasured document with him to the US, as it is the latest update on Dawood and other top Indian fugitives. Mr Advani had earlier taken up the issue with Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

In a bid to turn the heat on the D-company, Mr Advani went to Lyons to discuss the extradition of Dawood with top bosses at the Interpol headqaurters. He also met the President of the UAE in Abu Dhabhi in this connection last year.

The IB dossier reveals that a 12-member commando squad and two bullet-proof vehicles provided by the Pak establishment to Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi, has not yet been withdrawn. The don's heavily guarded house, built on a 6,000 sq yards plot in the Clifton area of Karachi, is the hub of ISI activities. Besides, he has been provided another house at Khayaban-e-Shamsher in the Defence Officers Housing Authority in Karachi.

The report says that Dawood is in possession of 11 passports. The first Passport (M-110522) was issued to him in Mumbai on November 13, 1978. The last time the don travelled on an Indian passport (F-823692) was issued to him by RPO Mumbai on September 2, 1989. Dawood owns a Pakistani passport, the report reveals.

Sources said that much of the vital Intelligence against the D-company's base in Pakistan was gathered by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police, who tracked the cellular number 0092300249526 and a few other contact numbers used by Chhota Shakeel. Two other numbers in Karachi, 7278866 and 7272887, have also been tracked.

The IB dossier reveals that just two months back, Chhota Shakeel hatched a plot to kill Mr Advani. Two of the accused, Ishaq Atta Hussain and Sagir Ali Shaikh, who flew from Chennai to Bangkok, escaped to Karachi when IB sleuths swooped down on their aides in Mumbai. India have proof that Atta and Sagir are living with Shakeel in Karachi.

Sources said, Intelligence agencies have identified several properties owned by Dawood in Karachi. Most of the bungalows owned by him are located in the posh Clifton, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Defence Officers Housing Authority, Iqbal and Karachi Development Scheme areas. Dawood's bank accounts in Pakistan's Central Bank and his connections in the Karachi stock market have also been traced.
Published in Dailypioneer. True, for Pakistan, dramas like shacking hands are not enough to reduce tensions with India.